15 July, 2016
inside of MGM Hotel in macau
inside of MGM Hotel in macau

MGM Macau: Relax and Revitalise this Summer at this Luxurious Integrated Resort

15 July, 2016
inside of MGM Hotel in macau

Unwind and Dine in Macau


Located only an hour’s ferry ride from the bustling city, Macau has always been one of our fave staycation destinations – and this weekend getaway was no exception! For those looking for a little R&R, MGM Macau has a great summer lineup for those who love art, food, pampering and luxury.

foyer of MGM macau

The Hotel

We were lucky enough to get a private tour of the glamorous hotel, which included the hotel’s lobby, Art Space, suites, villas and standard rooms. Throughout the entire hotel, influence of old-world Europe and Macau’s Portuguese heritage is evident. This influence is most obvious in the Grande Praça, which features magnificent glass cathedral ceilings, and acts as central hub that connects the guests with all the dining, entertainment and shopping that MGM has to offer.

The plaza is currently showcasing The Butterfly Garden, which includes 160 glass butterflies dangling from the ceiling! Be sure to catch a glimpse of the exhibit in both daylight and at night, as each experience is unique. Another amazing feature is the 360 degree aquarium at the centre of the room, which is home to a multitude of fish species and other sea creatures. Each day at noon, hotel guests also get the chance to watch the aquarium staff feed the fish…

hotel room at MGM Macau

The Rooms

We were put up in MGM’s standard room – despite the name, this room was the furthest thing from standard! Complete with a king sized bed (oh yes!) and ocean views, the spacious room was elegantly decorated in bronze, beige and gold hues and topped off with floor-to-ceiling windows. Our favourite part was the luxuriously large, glass-walled(!) bathroom complete with a massive tub, double sinks and private toilet cubicle (because we need to retain some mystery in our relationships, no?). On top of that, if staying wired is important to you, the room is equipped with a large television and free wireless internet access is readily available throughout the hotel.

The Spa

Within the majestic hotel, MGM has its own renowned spa – Tria. Tria offers organic treatments that incorporate technology, perfect for busy ladies who need to relax and unwind. Before being pampered at the Tria spa, we were treated to the Pre-Spa menu at the Rossio restaurant (who can truly relax on an empty stomach?). The menu is filled with organic, healthy dishes which incorporate homegrown herbs straight from MGM rooftop garden, taking the flavours of the dishes to another level! We were also spoiled with some delicious apple shots and fresh coconut water before the three courses menu was served. From Fresh sashimi paired with black quinoa, to Vitality scallops and Fruits Aromatherapy as dessert, all the dishes beautifully presented – a true feast for our eyes. Hands down, our favourite was the Fruits Aromatherapy, the anti-aging sorbet topped with seasonal fruits. We could chow down on this ice cream forever – hopefully the more you eat, the younger you look!

After the well balanced lunch which left us comfortably full, we began our journey to relaxation at the Moroccan styled Tria spa. Having previously notified spa staff of our skin type, our spa experience was customised to fit our unique skin needs. We started with the newest and very latest in wellness technology, Tria’s SoSound Therapy Lounger (MGM is the first in Asia to offer this therapy). The SoSound lounger vibrates accordingly to the oh-so relaxing music in the room, sending out vibrations that travel through your body to release tension and stress. The tranquil sound waves make the lounger vibrate like a massage chair, and the dimmed lights complete with a heavenly lavender aroma will leave you feeling utterly relaxed.

We were both treated to a 30-minute HydraFacial MD facial, which incorporates a magic wand. This deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, while deploying a medical-grade serum to rejuvenate. We saw instant results – our skin was left hydrated and super smooth! To be honest, we didn’t know quite what to expect when they described the treatment and included words such as “machine” and “non-surgical procedure”, but we were quickly put at ease with the relaxing treatment. The noise that it makes, however, sounds similar to a dental drill, but have no fear as this magic wand does no harm to your face. It simply leaves your skin soft and squeaky clean without any pain or discomfort!

Afterwards the therapists offered full body scrubs using a Bamboo Ginger Grass Scrub, for gentle exfoliation. It was followed by a luxurious body massage with wild lime oil, which leaves skin even more polished and soft. On top of all that, we got to sample their ginger tea and a complimentary fruit platter in between each session – ridding us of those pesky cravings during the treatment.

If this isn’t enough relaxation for you, there are additional facilities at Tria that include a vitality pool, sauna, hammam, experience-showers and several relaxation spaces where guests can rejuvenate with bubbling foot-baths (exclusively to Tria at MGM MACAU) – what more can you ask for?!

sashimi and sushi platter

The Food

There are so many dining options to enjoy at MGM apart from Rossio’s healthy menu! Here are some of the indulgent options that we loved:

Russian ABA bar:

Before dinner at the French Restaurant, Aux Beaux Arts, we headed over the ABA bar to start off with a refreshing aperitif cocktail, Lillet Spritz. Following that we took a peek at the wine cellar (wine lovers alert!) that houses a collection of more than 10,000 wines as well as the oldest whiskey in the world – how amazing is that?

oyster and seafood platter

Aux Beaux Arts:

Aux Beaux Arts’ new menu is specially crafted to compliment the exhibition ‘Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion art’ at the MGM Art Space – tres magnifique! For all your seafood lovers out there, you won’t be able to resist the Oyster in Champagne sabayon, a luxurious combination of two incredibly ingredients – oysters and champagne. We also enjoyed other authentic French dishes like the Chicken Consommé à la d’Orléans soup (the fun part was cracking open the top!), Turbot fish with diplomate sauce, white asparagus and chervil, Beef tenderloin and a Neapolitan Ice-Cream as dessert.

On top of the amazing French cuisine we also got the most beautiful view as the light changed into a purple blue hue reflecting the night sky inside the atrium… What a perfect way to end our day! Aux Beaux Arts also offers a darling tea set for two (MOP 288), which you can enjoy on a cute patio that spills out of the restaurant and overlooks the Grande Praça. The tea set features a number of sweet and savory delicacies some of which include homemade scones, ham and Gruyere cheese with wheat toast and rose panna cotta.

a basket of dumplings

Imperial Court:

For our final meal at the hotel, we were hosted at the highly acclaimed Imperial Court Restaurant, which features contemporary Cantonese fare. As only the freshest, seasonal ingredients are used, the menu at Imperial Court varies during the year. Currently being incorporated into the traditional Cantonese dishes are healthy grains and veggies, which we loved as they added a crisp and refreshing element that’s often absent from these dishes.

We were lucky enough to sample the six-course summer menu during our stay. For the appetiser, we were served BBQ duck liver and pork skewers, BBQ pork with honey, steamed scallop dumplings with shrimp, beetroot and bamboo and crispy fried glutinous rice dumpling with pork – all of which were bite sized and served in a delicately in a bento-box style. We really enjoyed the second course, which was a refreshing, zesty prawn dish flavored with chilli and shallots. Also featured on this superfood-influenced menu is fried chicken complete with flaxseed and simmered baby spinach with peach gum and nostoc in pumpkin soup!

As if that were not enough, the dessert left us feeling healthier than before! The soya bean pudding was very palatable, only sweetened by the mango jelly that sat atop, making it even easier to gobble up the entire bowl. On the side, black sesame rolls were served warm, chewy and almost savoury, leaving you satisfied but (almost!) guilt-free.

the bar at MGM Hotel Macau

The Verdict

Overall, we can without a doubt say that a stay at the MGM Macau offers you the chance to be whisked away on a Europe-esque escape, complete with glorious accommodation, delicious food and world-class art – really, what more could you want?

Currently the MGM Macau is offering a summer special – if you book the Fun Vacation Room Package now, you will receive a complimentary Rossio Breakfast or Lunch Buffet, or a themed Afternoon Tea Set. You will also have the chance to admire Degas’ collection of sculptures in the ambience of 19th century France with free guided tours of the exhibit.

How much: From HKD 1,788.00 / Night, Excluding Taxes & Fees

MGM MACAUAvenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau, (853) 8802 1888, [email protected]


Written by our fabulous interns, Winnie Lam and Aislinn MacPhail!

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