14 July, 2016
sassy supports rain lily at orange peel
sassy supports rain lily at orange peel
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Sassy Supports: RainLily Foundation

14 July, 2016
sassy supports rain lily at orange peel

RainLily – supporting victims of sexual violence


Sexual violence is a tough subject to talk about, but of course, it’s even tougher to endure. That’s why it’s important to discuss what to do, where to go and how to help when you or someone you care about is ever sexually assaulted. Knowing there’s a support system for women who have gone through similar situations is important, and we’re all about supporting a community of strong women who are helping each other.

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What is RainLily?

As one of Hong Kong’s only crisis centres for survivors of sexual violence, RainLily is a non-government organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights and adequate government support of these survivors. RainLily is the service unit of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, which also runs Anti-480, an education programme promoting gender equality. RainLily’s mission is to call to attention the issues and stigma surrounding sexual violence and provide a safe haven for survivors to help them restore confidence and dignity.

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What does RainLily do? 

RainLily provides a support network of women who have either been through similar situations, or wish to help you get through a traumatic experience. As a one-stop service centre, RainLily provides comprehensive legal and medical advice to relieve survivors of any extra burdens they are subjected to carry. RainLily has a 24-hr support call service, immediate and post medical support, counselling services, group therapy sessions, companion services, professional training and a legal clinic. RainLily recognises that the last thing any survivor wants to do is relay their experience to multiple strangers over and over again, so with a one-stop service, they aim to limit that pain.

Other services RainLily provides include pregnancy prevention, screening and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, forensic medical examination, psychological support and reporting to the police. RainLily’s main goal is to support victims through the journey of recovery,  using this around the clock, one-stop service.

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How can you help? 

There are many ways to help RainLily and women who have experienced sexual violence. To support RainLily’s services, please consider making a monetary donation. This will go towards funding their multiple services and programmes to help survivors on the road to recovery. RainLily also accepts gift donations such as stationary, computers, food and drinks, etc. To make a gift donation, please contact their staff at +852 2392 2569.

You can also volunteer with RainLily; they have a student internship programme, community education programmes and workshops for those who are interested in. RainLily also hosts events, the most recent one being the ‘#can’ttouchthis‘ charity night at Orange Peel, featuring poetry, live music and a Talk Board connecting survivors. Keep an eye out for the next event to support!

RainLily has also recently launched the ‘WE Stand’ project, a Facebook Group for migrant workers and ethnic minority communities to speak out and stand up against sexual violence and gender-based violence. The group is for learning and empowerment, so feel free to invite friends or post an relevant content.

Lastly, consider starting a campaign for RainLily survivors. Their most recent fundraising campaign included an Ultra-Marathon Fundraising Challenge in Madagascar. There is no better time than now to start advocating for causes you believe in and supporting other women in need.


Be sure to check out RainLily on their websiteFacebook, or email acsvaw@rainlily.org.hk and call 2392 2569 for more information. Sassy wholeheartedly supports RainLily and their fight against sexual violence.

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