5 Global Destinations to Book for Easter 2019

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New Zealand

Fall (March, April, May) in New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous. Without a doubt, Easter is one of the of the best times of the year to visit as it holds perfect temperatures from 18 – 20 degrees Celsius, ideal for any and all outdoor activities. Comprised of two islands, the country encompasses impressive alpine ranges, bubbling geysers and stunning beaches, all in one. The southern island boasts vast lakes, rugged coastlines and a plethora of wildlife, while the northern island is home to luscious vineyards, surfing paradises and thermal reserves. For those who are Lord of the Rings fans, pay a visit to the charming world of Hobbiton on a tailored tour and visit some of the film’s key locations from The Shire to Mount Doom. Our Travel Editor had the pleasure of experiencing a full Jacada Travel trip to New Zealand over Easter, so you can check out the full travel guide and video for extra inspo and tips!

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South Korea

Just a four-hour plane ride away, escape to the South Korea for the perfect balance of food, culture and nature. Although Japan has mostly been associated for its famed cherry blossoms, Korea also boasts these stunning flowers from mid-March to mid-April. Aside from the stunning sakura, Korea is one of Asia’s most diverse nations. You’ll find intoxicating cities, serene countryside, volcanic islands, traditional villages, lush rice paddies and three different seas lapping at its shores. In addition to its urban-chic sites and delicious delicacies, well over half of South Korea is forested, making it a great destination for outdoor lovers. The mountains are a hiker’s dream in the spring and, of course, Jeju, the largest island off the coast of the Korean peninsula, is most beautiful in the spring when it’s carpeted in wildflowers.

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South Africa

South Africa is a great starting point for those venturing into their first safari. Flying into Johannesburg, kickstart your South African adventure in the Madikwe Reserve, a 75,000-acre game reserve that can be visited all-year-round (and it’s malaria-free). Go out on game drives and spot elephants, leopards, rhinos, lions, and many others that give Africa it’s acclaimed reputation for being home to some of the world’s best wildlife. The Whale Coast at Grootbos Reserve is another Jacada favorite. This area is great for hikes, mountain bikes, ocean safaris and, basically, any activity you can imagine. Of course, you can’t leave South Africa without paying a visit to Cape Town. Within the vibrant city itself, there are numerous shops, restaurants and bars for you to explore. A must-do is taking the cable car up to Table Mountain where you’ll find colonies of penguins and seals that call this special place home. To end an adventurous trip with some down time, take a day trip to the winelands where Jacada will have a team of enthusiastic wine experts, ready to share the best of South African wine with you.

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If you’re looking for a beach getaway, the Maldives is about as good as it gets. The sand is powder-soft and the sea is unlike anywhere else in the world. Shades of blue, turquoise, teal and cerulean glisten underneath the sun, and underwater, you’ll find a whole other world, teeming with marine wildlife including whale sharks, sea turtles and manta rays. After a day of snorkelling and diving, sip on cocktails in your infinity pool, read a book on a hammock draped over the ocean, practice yoga on your villa’s private deck, and end your nights sampling some of the world’s freshest seafood.

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Easter Island

Easter Island earned its name from the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen who discovered it on Easter Sunday back in 1722. Situated 3,700 kilometres from the coast of Chile, Easter Island is the most isolated inhabited place on earth. The island is most famous for its mysterious monolithic stone statues, the Moai. These statues are believed to have been carved by the Rapa Nui people sometime between 1200 and 1500, depicting the faces of their ancestors who extended their mana (spiritual power) over the island to protect the land they once called home. Now, many of them can be found aligned perfectly along the shoreline of Ahu Tongariki, where these majestic statues stand tall with spectacular mountains and ocean views behind them. The island is also home to number of incredible hiking trails where visitors can see archaeological sites amidst scenic landscape. For Hong Kong travellers seeking that added adventure, end your trail at the foot of the Te Pahu network where you can explore the island’s most impressive caves – some still have ancient carvings!

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