14 April, 2014

Ladylike looks with the new collection at Tory Burch

14 April, 2014

Though we’re constantly dodging puddles and keeping our umbrellas with us at all time, we can still dream of spring. Spring is a loose term in Hong Kong anyway. It roughly refers to the time when you can still wear jeans and not melt and when the Sevens rolls around! Well, this year why don’t we instead dream of garden parties and mint juleps rather than Pimms and Katy Perry costumes? Thankfully, Tory Burch is here to make all our ladylike spring dreams a reality!

It was only a few months ago that Tory Burch was in town, and while here she must have felt our need for a departure from leather and studs. This season, she dazzles us with pale hues, embellished necklines, and crisp cuts sure to please any Jackie O wannabe. It’s like she heard that we needed more refined items to wear to all those tea times that this city offers!


I was particularly taken with these jackets! The beadwork around the collar and cuffs is fun yet refined, and perfect for dressing up a pair of boyfriend jeans for more relaxed settings. Check out this laser cut leather jacket and matching skirt, which is a great way to get your leather love in while lightening the load for spring! And the white is so refreshing from all the heavy winter hues we’ve been sporting these last few weeks.


Tory has the greatest knack for taking the simple shift that you know and love and turning it into something show stopping! Whether it’s with beadwork, embroidery or crochet, these dresses will surely draw eyes and compliments your way. I’m seeing a need for little loafers, vintage sunnies, and possibly a bike with a basket full of fresh cut flowers!

long dresses

My favorite creations are indeed the ones that go to great lengths to impress. While I might not have an immediate event on the calendar to wear one of these to, you never know when a 60’s-themed gala may present itself! Until then, perhaps these dresses would be great for any wedding festivities? How chic would the bride-to-be look in this two-piece embellished number for a rehearsal dinner?


Not only does she offer a gorgeous range of garments to don yourself in for warmer weather, but she is also making sure our wrists, necks, arms, and toes are well accessorised too!


This is nothing new though, as most ladies over the age of 19 can testify to how wonderfully her flats wear! This season try one of her sling back loafers in either metallic or snakeskin for a show that can take you anywhere and everywhere in comfort and style.


The bags… oh the bags! These classic shapes with a refined appeal will spruce up any look. I kept hearing little gasps of desire for the brown leather belt bag at the preview (note – we are NOT calling this a fanny pack!). The little metal clutches hark back to old fashioned cigarette cases, though they are sure to encase things far healthier… that is if you think your iPhone addiction is a lesser evil!


There you have it. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a lady you can now play the part thanks to Tory Burch! Feel free to accept those yachting invites and garden party socials, but don’t forget to bring along your dear Sassy friends! After all, we want to have an excuse to wear these polished looks too…

Tory Burch  Shop 2065 IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
2234 7282  www.toryburch.com/…

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