3 March, 2016
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The Awesome Foursome Workout at TOPFIT

3 March, 2016

Personal Training With Friends at TOPFIT


Post January, fitness seems to take a backseat. Those New Year resolutions are running thin and everyone seems busy with anything but working out (hello new bars, Netflix and a constant stream of social gatherings…).

So when we heard about the Foursome Training Session at TOPFIT, we eagerly said yes, hoping it would get those muscles moving and kick our butts back into gear. Well, this hard-core, tailor-made hour of intensity definitely made us realise how much we all needed a good workout.

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If you’re looking for something to get you pumped, keep you motivated and leave you energised, be sure to try out this new session. As a premium fitness studio, these guys takes tremendous pride in having Hong Kong’s top trainers on their roster. You can tell they are not only passionate about fitness and nutrition, but also have top knowledge and insight in their respective fields (from yoga, to body building)!

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With crazy core building and a focus on overall fitness, we were immediate fans. But what makes this TOPFIT training session different? It’s a foursome! Get a group of four together and experience an alternative to PT training – which can get pricy and slightly overwhelming. It was great to have friends there as extra encouragement, and our trainer Arnold gave us just the energy we needed to power through his ridiculously creative workout programme. We were so impressed with how personal he made it, remembering all our names from the get-go and tailoring our experience according to our needs. There’s something strangely mortifying and motivating about someone cheering your name as you push a prowler… 

Check out what each of us thought about our awesome foursome experience:


I do love working out but sometimes it can be hard to find that extra push and motivation to get yourself to the gym. One thing that usually motivates me is the company of others, especially friends. Well ladies, if you’re like me then TOPFIT’s new Foursome classes are the perfect solution! The classes provide you with one-on-one training in a group setting, which really is a win-win for all. Having the motivation of your trainer and your friends definitely provides that push to make you run harder, lift heavier and break a serious sweat!



SHK-Headshots-SurmayeeBeing the gymrat that I am, I was super excited to try this new concept of working out with friends in a small group! I was quite nervous when we got there, but Arnold was enthusiastic and incredibly encouraging from the beginning – he made sure we were comfortable in the exercises and had the correct form, which is so important no matter what fitness level you’re at (and more importantly, he didn’t judge me for falling flat on my face when I couldn’t hold a plank for any longer!). The fact that the workout was customised for the four of us and that Arnold took our expectations and fitness levels into consideration was a huge plus point for me. It was truly an awesome workout that engaged my whole body, and I definitely felt the burn for a day (or four). This is no large group class where you get lost amongst the masses! At TOPFIT, I experienced personalised attention that really made me feel like I was working towards being the best version of myself possible. Two thumbs up from me!


SHK-Headshots-TaniaThe one and only thing that gets me to the gym is the burst of energy after, and trust me, this workout gave me exactly what I was looking for. My favourite aspect was probably how unique the exercises were – from throwing a medicine ball against the wall between each squat, to chasing the prowler on all fours (yes, this one did get me some questionable looks). There was never a second for us to lose focus, because we were constantly stimulated with new, interactive ways of working out. With past injuries, I’m always cautious when trying a new workout, but Arnold made sure to cater to it throughout the hour, even modifying certain exercises to make sure I was comfortable. Powering through (read: struggling through) is definitely easier when you’re surrounded by people who are making sure you’re enjoying yourself – just keep laughing through the stitches.


SHK-Headshots-AaronI really enjoyed my experience at TOPFIT and Arnold is a great trainer! What stands out for me is the care, enthusiasm and charismatic personality of TOPFIT trainers. Especially Arnold, who kept pushing me and the girls to do that extra squat and go that extra mile on that bloody prowler! The gym is spacious and airy, with big windows letting in plenty of that vitamin D. The clean showers and provided towels and lockers mean that you can make your way through an intense workout, shower and be on your way to work or home in no time! I’m such a big fan that I’m keen to make TOPFIT part of my regular fitness routine!




TOPFIT’s complete range of exercises really did suit our individual needs. The training models focuses on personal and group sessions by booking only, and although they’re on the pricy side, it’s worth it. The session is so thorough, it can act as a full-on alternative (replacing the current bi-weekly push-up at home) and become part of your weekly routine.

Arnold’s Foursome included everything from high intensity interval training (HIIT – yup, it feels as painful as it sounds), to hardcore work on our core, stability and agility. From the battle ropes (key word: battle), to agility ladders – we successfully got our muscles pumping, and somehow managed to have fun in the process! Now that’s a successful workout.

TOPFIT, 3/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2776 7268, [email protected], www.top-fit.com

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