9 April, 2015
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Top 5 Cookbooks You Need Now

9 April, 2015
I have a confession… I’m completely, utterly and hopelessly addicted to foodporn. I buy cookbooks in bulk and usually cook two recipes from each one before moving on to the next. But this has all changed since my boyfriend fiancé (I can’t get used to saying that!) became a vegan. Since then I’ve become a bit of a green-cooking, healthy-living nerd. And, purely because I love a challenge, I’m determined to arm myself before going into this organic battle alone. If you fancy joining me, then ditch the sugar, additives and processed food and prepare to become a green queen in the kitchen with the help of these cookbooks below! If you try out some dishes  take a pic on instagram and tag #sassycooks so we know what’s cookin’ good lookin’!

1208_DeliciouslyElla_ppc.inddDeliciously Ella
Ella literally ate her way out of a relatively rare illness and documented everything on her blog. Two years later and with over five million hits her vegan and gluten-free recipes are firm favourites in kitchens around the world. Her love of medjool dates and almond butter are evident in many of the recipes and prove that healthy food is just as, if not more delicious than junk. You can whip up dinner in ten minutes, conjure up sweet-potato brownies and throw a decadent dinner party for friends with zero guilt. The ingredient list for every recipe is super short which makes this my favourite book of all time. Download the Deliciously Ella app here or order the book for $200 here.

Try! Marinated Kale Salad and Nutritious Nutella

The-art-of-eating-wellThe Art of Eating Well
The gorgeous Hemsley sisters are beautiful inside and out and they attribute their healthy glow to eating well. Check out their awesome website Hemsley and Hemsley for a taster of delectable recipes and a philosophy that supports eating good food (including yummy desserts!) in moderation. If they don’t win you over with their smiles at first, just give a few of the recipes in the ‘Art of Eating Well’ and I guarantee you will be sold as soon as your batch of brownies emerges from the oven. They’ll teach you how to ‘boil your bones’, ‘eat your beets’ and spiralise just about everything! Order it here.

Try! Courgetti with Red Pesto and ChocBeet Fudge Cakes

If you miss your mamas cooking this one’s for you as it’s full of healthy, hearty dishes that are sure to impress your friends and family. You’ll find 120 recipes inside inspired by Sami Tamimi and Yotam Ottolenghi’s childhood in Jerusalem. If the beautiful photos don’t inspire you to get busy in the kitchen then the hummus-war story definitely will. With influences from the Jewish, Arab, Christian, Muslim and Armenian communities this book is an almost-edible melting pot. You’ll find refined sugar in some of these recipes and a lot of meat but I sub in natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup and some hearty vegetables like mushrooms in place of these. Find out more about Ottelenghi, the fabulous British eatery here and Order Jerusalem for $349 here.

Try! Roast Butternut Squash and Onion with Tahini and Za’atar and Winter Couscous

I-quit-sugarI Quit Sugar
I managed to quit sugar for three months last year and I’m hell bent to try to do it again. Inspired by Aussie Sarah Wilson’s cookbook I managed to replace sugar with fat and eat my way out of a little sugar addiction that was driving me nuts. Sustainability and eco-friendly living are the two consistent themes in this book and you’ll be blending up smoothies and ditching the store-bought granola for your own homemade version in a doddle. Recipes are simple and easy to follow and you’ll find chia seeds and coconuts in many of the recipes. This book isn’t veggie per se but it does encourage you to incorporate greens and nutrient-laden ingredients into every meal. This New York Times Bestselling Author is also a Sassy Mama contributor. Sign up for her 8-week sugar-free programme here and order her book for $225 here.

Try! Coco-nutty Granola and Bacon and Egg Cupcakes

Protein-ballsFood for the Fast Lane
Food and fitness go hand in hand and Olympic medalist Derval O’Rourke’s book makes it easy to fuel your body in a fun and easy way. She prefers eating and training to dieting and exercising and her positive attitude is infectious. The recipes power both your body and mind so say goodbye to energy slumps and that afternoon dip. Smoothies loaded with goodness, quick lunches and healthy snacks are all packed into this bestseller, the book isn’t vegan but it definitely ticks a lot of health boxes. Find out more about Derval on her blog here and order her book for here.

Try! Super Snack Balls and Peter’s Frozen Protein Bars

Now I’m off to buy another bookshelf!

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