9 April, 2015

Aster Spring – A Central spa with a firming facial… that actually works!

9 April, 2015

Life in Hong Kong is good. We have a reliable MTR, beautiful beaches and hiking spots, roof top bars aplenty and there’s always an interesting event on somewhere. But all this comes with a price: we are busy – very busy. “Work hard, play hard” might as well be the unofficial motto of the 852, and those late nights and early mornings can start to show… on our faces. Thankfully, Aster Spring, a Malaysian spa company, has come to our rescue with their latest treatment, the V-Lift facial. This service promises to lift, slim, and firm your face immediately, so you can continue to burn the candle at both ends and look great while doing it!

aster spring facial sassy reception

Their Central location is a little sanctuary right in the heart of LKF and feels a world away from the busy streets and lingering Friday night regrets. My consultant, Shadow, gave me a cup of ginger tea and we began our consultation. It was surprisingly thorough…

“Do you smoke?” “Nope.” “Good! How often do you exercise?” “HA!” “Oh, okay… How’s your digestion?” “Horrible – wait, what?”

aster spring facial sassy dermalogica
Using a face mapping analysis developed by Dermalogica, a skin care line devoted to simple and effective products free from common irritants (it’s also the only line of products they use!), Shadow was able to pinpoint the cause of my acne. The entire consultation took about 10 minutes, far longer than any other spa I’ve been to for sure, which is a key part of their service. With over 200 different procedures available, the technicians use the consultation to ensure each client has the right facial for their skin-type, discussing lifestyle, skin type and daily routine. While I could sense Shadow’s horror at my habits, she remained professional and offered useful advice for me to implement at home. She recommended I use Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant to reduce my acne scarring, and after 2 weeks I can see that the marks are significantly reduced. Also, my face is super soft, so win win!

aster spring facial sassy

With a cup of tea in hand, I was taken to the changing area. It’s cosy, but it has everything you need: private lockers, outlets, a shower, and a beauty station to touch up your makeup and hair. The treatment rooms have soft lighting, calming music and lovely aromatherapy scents to keep you zen. My aesthetician, Kiki, explained each step of the facial, even down to the ingredients in the Dermalogica products, which were refreshingly easy to pronounce, like ‘oatmeal’. After two thorough cleanses, an exfoliation and a moisturising treatment, it was time for the harrowing part: extraction. Everyone has an extraction horror story – but all Aster Spring technicians are trained in the company’s unique extraction method that minimises discomfort and redness – hallelujah!

aster spring facial sassy - v lift

Finally, it was time for the V-Lift! This procedure uses a high frequency ultrasound machine to penetrate through the multiple layers of skin to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage the skin to tighten and lift naturally. Before the ultrasound machine, Kiki applied a serum full of all those wonderful anti-aging, skin-lifting things that dreams are made of. The ultrasound enhances the effects of the serum, allowing it to go deep into the skin, making me even more gorgeous than usual. Half way through the treatment Kiki paused so I could see the effects. My right side was lookin’ fine. The skin around my eye was lifted, my pores were tightened and I could actually see some jawline (it’s been a long winter…). My left side, by comparison, was looking a little sad.

Each Aster Spring facial includes a light shoulder rub and at least one massage, either European or a pressure point, depending on what compliments your treatment the best. Unfortunately my skin was a bit too sensitive for two massages – the staff is careful not to overstimulate skin as that can actually lead to more breakouts! However, I did get to try the pressure point one which was divine. The massages are there to release tension and stimulate blood flow, in addition to just being a nice way to cap off to the treatment! By the end of the session, my skin was hydrated and glowing. Basically, I looked great. I didn’t even put on concealer, and that’s saying something.


The effects of the V-Lift were absolutely immediate. I could see how much healthier and more awake my face looked, and it lasted for one glorious week, though it can last up to two! The V-Lift is recommended for those over the age of 25, as that is when collagen production begins to slow, though I still definitely saw results. So before you reach for the Botox, consider this treatment and save yourself the scary needles!

The V-Lift facial at Aster Spring costs $1,680 and lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes.



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