12 June, 2014
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Roar! Tiger Curry brings some spice to Causeway Bay

12 June, 2014

When I heard that Tiger Curry was opening in Causeway Bay, I have to say that I was pretty pleased! Whilst Causeway offers up some great eats (check out our Top 6 under $60 here), I often find myself wandering around aimlessly looking for somewhere to eat in-between shopping trips. It’s tricky to find restaurants that are not too expensive, have reliably good food and are pretty cool places to hang out (they must be sick of seeing me at Little Burro!). That’s where Tiger Curry steps in. Set just on the other side of Jardine’s Bazaar, this cool curry joint that’s headed up by Chef Satoru delivers on both flavour and ambience, with a warm atmosphere and tasty dishes on offer.

1958187_461167417351498_268558478200811055_nYou can’t miss Tiger Curry with its striking grey ‘tiger’ camouflage and shiny black exterior, which definitely sticks out from the rest of its surroundings. The modern interior is relatively small but definitely feels laid-back and relaxed.


The highlight has got to be the little outdoor courtyard that’s hidden at the back of the restaurant and features a three story high wall painted by Hong Kong street artist 4Get. Tiger Curry definitely oozes cool without being pretentious, ideal for a casual lunch or dinner with friends.


It’s also a great little spot to have a couple of casual drinks at. They offer a range of Japanese beers and interesting soft drinks too, which taste even better when enjoyed outside in the courtyard!


I started off sampling the crispy pork nuggets, which were simple but very tasty. I particularly liked the side sauce, which was sweet and tangy, complimenting the crispy coating of the nuggets. Tiger Curry offers a range of starters and smaller dishes which, are great when you’re not ready to take on a full curry! The crispy cheesy mochi is exactly as it sounds – perfect for all cheese lovers, and you can’t go wrong with indulgent curry cheese fries. Comfort food at its best!


So the big question is whether the curry that the restaurant’s named after is as good as they claim. And I have to say that despite being quite a straightforward dish, it did taste very good! Made with 28 different spices, this curry is definitely unique and scarily moreish. The actual dishes at Tiger Curry are nothing fancy; instead they just showcase the signature sauce in all its glory. I tried the Shabu Shabu beef curry with plain rice, which was sweet, spicy and a comfort dish for sure! The different main dishes are basically just variations of meat with the same sauce, but I’d recommend the beef and also the pork cutlet, which was tender and juicy.


Tiger Curry may not be the finest food you’ve ever had, but it’s tasty, easy comfort food that will keep you coming back for more. The whole vibe is casual and fun, just what you want after trawling through the busy streets of CWB. With reasonable prices too, you won’t be breaking the bank on dinner, leaving more cash for a bit of retail therapy after! If you’re lucky, the topless Tiger Curry man will be there too (I had to get a snap for all you Sassy girls, of course!). Look out for the pop-up at Socialito this June if you’re in Central too and make sure you try that one-of-a-kind curry sauce.

Tiger Curry, 14 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/TigerCurryHongKong


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