26 November, 2015

The Secret to Perfect, Glowing Skin? Skin Laundry

26 November, 2015

We tried out the newest, hottest skin laser light treatment in Hong Kong, Skin Laundry, and we are all loving the results!


Living in Hong Kong is incredibly exciting, but the constant GO! GO! GO! can sometimes take its toll on you, and specifically, on your skin! Amongst the lack of sleep, the occasional glass of wine (or three) and the hard core HK pollution, it sometimes seems like our skin is fighting a losing battle. And then there’s that damn aging thing. Sometimes, when I look in the mirror I feel like I can see all the continents of the earth mapped out across my face in age (clears throat), I mean SUN spots. Either way, not good. And even though the rest of the Sassy/Sassy Mama team may not deal with that last factor as much as I do, we all live with the Hong Kong skin damaging culprits mentioned above. So when we all heard that Skin Laundry had landed in Hong Kong, at three locations, including Lane Crawford, we were beyond pumped to go and try it out.


Skin Laundry was founded by Yen Reis in Santa Monica, California in 2013. Due to its immediate popularity, Yen quickly expanded the Skin Laundry reach to other locations in Southern California, NYC, Arizona and now Hong Kong. Skin Laundry gives you radiant, clean, refreshed looking skin by way of a safe, efficient, and affordable laser and light treatment. The laser essentially zaps and vaporises pollution, dirt and dead skin all while stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity and shrinking those pores. The light polishes up the skin’s surface killing bacteria (which is an acne causing culprit) cleaning up dead skin cells, reducing redness and improving skin tone. It’s an effective and efficient way to maintain your skin- perfect for the time crunch we face here in Hong Kong. And the best part? You’re in and out in 10-minutes with no post-treatment downtime.

So the Sassy Team invaded the Century Square Central Laundry Location, and this is what we all had to say.


Lauren“To say I was feeling nervous about the Skin Laundry‘s Light and Laser Treatment is an understatement. Firstly, I’d never had a laser or light treatment before, and secondly, the thought of actual lasers zapping my face really wasn’t that appealing. Thankfully the staff were lovely, guiding me through every step of the way. The laser was a strange sensation and came as a bit of a shock, but it was all over quickly. My skin was initially quite red but it calmed down after 15 minutes and I was left with visible brighter and bouncier skin. It might be a little scary for a first timer, but if you want a seriously quick facial with instant results, I would give it a go!”

Jessica“After living in Hong Kong for a about a year and a half, I have realised the importance of taking care of your skin. Between the sun, sweat and pollution, my skin does not always look its best! Lasers would not haven been my first choice but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The treatment itself was super quick and the staff there walked me through every step of the process. The thought of lasers on your face is a bit unnerving at first but the results were definitely worth it. I have very sensitive skin so I thought I would be quite red afterwards but my skin was left looking brighter and tighter! Would give it a another go for sure!”



 Living in Hong Kong all my life, I’ve forced myself to come to terms with the humidity and the gross-ness of the air, aka pollution city.  So can you imagine how great it felt to have all that dirt pulled out from my skin. The staff were wonderful, guiding me through the treatment and giving me tips on how to take care of my skin the right way. I’ve always had problematic skin, and recently had a bad flare up of spots and redness which sucked. After the treatment, yes, my face was red and blotchy for a short while, however it felt light. The results were clearer the next day – my spots were smaller and no longer swollen, my face glowed and my pores weren’t as noticeable. I’ll be going back, for sure!


Begona“The only time I’ve used laser was for hair removal and, girls, although it was worthy, it wasn’t very pleasant. I have sensitive skin, and usually I’m allergic to quite a few things so I was a little bit apprehensive about this facial, but I have to say that the final result was impressive. My skin was glowing the day after the treatment; it did feel much cleaner. The girls at Skin Laundry were very helpful and gentle, and they explained to me what was going on in every step. The treatment consists in two laser shot rounds, then they apply a moisturising gel and give you a round of light shots that cleans the deeper tissue of your skin. The laser shots don’t hurt, it’s just like if somebody is trying to tickle you hard. I have to confess though, that the light shots scared me as I wasn’t expecting such a flash of light to go through the goggles. But overall, the treatment was fast and the result was amazing!”


Lexi“You never truly realise just how much of Hong Kong’s pollution has set up camp on your face until a laser is zapping it out of your pores! I’ve never experienced any form of laser light treatment before, so having half of Kowloon extracted from my face seemed slightly unnerving, but between the incredible and professional staff, I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process. Only taking 10 minutes from start to finish, it was the perfect facial for an on-the-go treatment, with minimal redness and visibly brighter skin just moments after leaving.”


Andrea (1)“Lately, my skin has been looking like that dust-covered, forgotten book on the bookshelf that you’re not sure you’ll ever read again. Maybe like the DaVinci Code, which was really amazing and interesting in the early 2000s, big enough for a movie even, but then it quickly lost its luster leaving people with only Tom Hanks’ hair to think about. That was a weird comparison, but what I’m trying to say is that my skin has been in need of a serious dust off, a revival. I am always looking for that magical skin potion, that miracle thing that will brighten and tighten my skin and call back the glory days of youth and do it in a hurry because mama ain’t got a lot of time these days. Oh, and also do it for a great price. The treatment at Skin Laundry really had me feeling fabulous and looking, well, younger! It was so quick and harmless that I actually sat up in the end and said, “I’m done? That’s it?” Yes, it was that easy, quick and effective. I have been telling all my friends about it ever since and plan to be a regular Skin Laundry customer. Go check it out, ladies. Believe me, you’ll love it!”


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