28 September, 2010

Style tips from the guys at Jersey Shore?!

28 September, 2010

Okay, so I think I may have hit an all time low. I am getting fashion inspiration when watching Jersey Shore and get this, it is not the girls I am learning from…it is the guys. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say guys. I am really just talking about Vinny who is my absolute favourite on the show. He seems the most normal out of the crazy bunch and I am a sucker for a straight guy who can dance amazingly well so I was pretty much hooked the very first time I saw him fist pumping and working his moves on the dance floor.

Anyway, before I make even more of a fool of myself by professing my love for a guy from Jersey Shore (I actually did marry a guy from Jersey so it kind of makes sense) let me move on to the fashion. During one episode in the latest season Vinny was sporting a leather brown bracelet which was wrapped around his wrist a number of times. I am now searching the internet for girl variations on his bracelet as I think it will be the perfect accessory for fall as it can add a bit of a girly edge to my conservative blazers. I am especially loving them in coloured leather….

Rebecca Minkoff



Linea Pelle Collection

H&M also has some brown ones in stores now for $99HKD and you may also want to check out the mens accessories department because you can find some studded leather cuffs there as well that work perfectly for pulling off this look!

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