Successful Hong Kong Women Share Their Style & Beauty Tips

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Sarah Fung, Founder of HULA

How would you describe your personal style/beauty routine?

My mother was a beauty therapist and had her own salon in London, so I was fortunate enough to be using brands like Eve Lom and doing my own facials, masks (and extractions!) from an early age. Since then, I have kept a really simple daily routine; cleanse, tone and moisturise.

What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

I was always told by my mother not to rub my eyes too much, screw my face up for no reason (unless it was through laughing as they were the only lines worth having!) and to always sleep on my back to avoid wrinkles. I still believe there is some truth to that, even if it sounds like a pretty weird trick – it’s completely free, so it’s worth trying! Apart from that, I have a rather unorthodox and totally not glamorous zit-zapping solution – an antiseptic liquid called TCP, usually used for grazes, blisters and mouth ulcers. A little dab when you feel something ‘evil’ is about to come up and honestly it is gone the next day! I have been using it since I was a teenager.

What’s one style hack that’s saved you?

Shopping pre-owned, of course! As it allows me to experiment, whilst getting more from my buck, a win-win!

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Charlotte Tsuei, Founder of Caelum Greene

How would you describe your personal style/beauty routine?

I’d describe my personal style as a cross between Californian ease and Parisian chic. In terms of beauty routines, natural products and remedies are my go-to.

What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

Lemons! I’ll have a few slices with hot water in the morning or squeezed right into whatever I’m cooking at home. Not only are they potent in vitamin C, lemon juice is also a natural bleaching agent. I use it as a topical ingredient to spot-treat scars and pigmentations.

What’s one style hack that’s saved you?

My silk eye mask. Quality sleep, to me, is essential to wellbeing. Unfortunately, Hong Kong schedules don’t always allow for adequate sleep. I can power nap practically anywhere with the mask on.

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Kayla Wong, LGBTQ Activist and Founder of Basics for Basics

How would you describe your personal style/beauty routine?

I think my personal style and beauty routine really stems from comfort. I like to wear and use products that are easy! I try to use items that are good for us and the environment!

What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

My Asian genes left me with weak and sparse lashes. So, I actually swear by a lash routine that involves a serum, and a go-to mascara. It’s completely transformed my lashes! I cannot go out without this step.

What’s one style hack that’s saved you?

I think when I am having trouble deciding what to wear, I always go back to the golden rule: K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple Stupid. Which is usually a white tee and jeans or black pants, a simple but chic look that you can’t go wrong with!

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Dervla Louli Musgrave, Founder of Compare Retreats

How would you describe your personal style/beauty routine?

Ritualistic, I’m a creature of habit and when I find something that works I stick to it. I feel that you have to feel good before you look good so I prioritise sleep, clean food and working out. That said, I’m a bit of a beauty junkie and am very loyal to certain products. My morning post-workout routine includes La Roche Posay Efaclar Face Wash, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, MAC Strobe Cream, Pat McGrath Liquid Eyeliner, and L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara. I’ve been using this mascara since I was 12 years old, it’s the best one in the world. Skin Ceuticals CE Fereulic which prevents hyperpigmentation is something I use if I’m in the sun too. When it comes to my regular style routine I love black dresses, smart jumpsuits, colourful statement tops, beautiful and well-made shoes, gold jewellery, my husband’s watch and a black tote or colourful cross-body bag during the day. For special occasions, I like Vivienne Westwood dresses and dramatic tops by Ellery, Roksanda or Rosie Assoulin.

What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

Inversions! I’m joking, I still haven’t seen results from this particular method, despite trying it every day, but working up a ‘glow’ by working out each morning definitely makes me look and feel a million times better every day. An overnight application of Sisley bronzing face gel followed by an Estée Lauder advanced repair recovery face mask the next morning also works wonders. I also swear by eyelash curlers, two coats of mascara and some blush after a long-haul flight.

What’s one style hack that’s saved you?

I’m not sure if it’s a hack per se, but I’ve started buying less but buying better which means only purchasing investment items which will hold their value over time. Fast fashion has turned buying clothes akin to shopping for groceries at a supermarket and it’s having seriously negative effects on our planet. People like Dr. Cristina Deane of Redress, Sarah Fung of HULA, Heloise Mendes of Label Chic, and Fanny Moizant of Vestiaire Collective are slowly but surely changing the world of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong and people are taking notice. In addition, Lane Crawford recently appointed Gloria Yu as their Sustainable Strategist, and I’m excited to see what she has planned for the future.

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Diane Younes, Founder of Sponge

How would you describe your personal style/beauty routine?

I have a strict skincare routine because I’ve realised how important taking care of your skin is. Cleansing, moisturising and doing masks are all part of the routine. As for hair and makeup, well, let’s just say I love getting glam. My go-to makeup look is a dark smoky eye with nude lips, plus contouring and highlighter. I tend to wear my hair in a straight blowout or waves.

What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

Stacking highlighter. Use two different types of highlighter – one on top of the other – on your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. This technique creates dimension and is the perfect way to get a gorgeous glow.

What’s one style hack that’s saved you?

I stick to neutral colours, such as black and white, for my outfits. Then I have the hair and makeup do the talking – all thanks to my daily appointments with Sponge! A red lip and perfect messy waves can work wonders.


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Ines Gafsi, Co-Founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

How would you describe your personal style/beauty routine?

‘Less is more’. I tend to wear monochrome flared dresses (usually great deals from OnTheList), and comfortable sandals (my favourite from Rose & Jade). I wear minimal makeup, and style my hair naturally, with a bit of Abyssian hair oil.

What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

Drink loads of water, exercise and good sleep. We are what we eat, I recently discovered Dr Nigma Talib, the author for “Reverse the Signs of Ageing“… the secret to flawless skin starts in the gut!

What’s one style hack that’s saved you?

I personally like to buy tops, t-shirts and Kurtis which do not require a lot of maintenance. Having clothes which do not crumple and are ready to wear without really needing ironing save a lot of time when I’m in a hurry.

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