2 April, 2012

Spring Revival at The Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt

2 April, 2012


Back in the UK, spring was one of my favourite seasons (and not just because it is kick-started by my birthday!). After months of freezing cold dreary winter, spring arrives with explosions of blossom, longer days and the return of warmth to the air. Whilst the contrast is less marked in Hong Kong, spring’s arrival is no less welcome! Having ignored advice to bring warm clothes out with me, I have spent the past few months shivering around an electric heater with a hot water bottle permanently glued to my stomach. My visions of a year-round perma-tan radiance were swiftly replaced with the reality of pale jaundiced skin, which was slowly expanding due to overindulgence in winter comfort food. Thus the return of the elusive sun (I’m sure you all read that we had only 38 hours of sunshine in the WHOLE of February!) had me dancing around with joy! However, my skin has been neglected and I subjecting everyone to its uncared for state didn’t seem very fair.

Thus, when I heard about the new Spring Revival treatment at the Grand Hyatt’s Plateau Spa, I almost sprinted my way through their doors. In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to get me back there – as I have mentioned before, their outdoor terrace and courtyard provide some of the most tranquil, spacious and relaxing poolside lounging areas on all of Hong Kong island.

This time, my spa room faced south and lacked views – but the problem was overcome by a view of a walled-in pool outside, which reflected the sunshine off its ripples and created an even more serene atmosphere. My therapist Ching showed me around and left me to change… and this may sound sad but one of my favourite things about this spa is the paper knickers! I’m a brief rather than thong girl in everyday underwear terms so I detest when spas give you barely there paper knickers, as thin on the front as on the back (it’s embarrassing the number of times I have stood turning them one way, then the other trying to figure out which way round they should go!). Plateau’s panties were giant! They perfectly enveloped my derriere and left me feeling comfortable and under, rather than over, exposed.

The treatment starts with a 30-minute Green Tea Bath, the perfect introduction to ensuring you achieve your meditative state and forget your work woes. We all know about green tea’s many health benefits and it turns out it’s just as good diffused through our epidermis as it is downed in a cuppa, offering immunity benefits and leaving our skin smoother. I’m a bath girl anyway so the chance to have one at a five-star hotel never goes amiss!

Next was the Aroma Detox; I’m not the biggest fan of wraps (I find them claustrophobic and not relaxing enough) so I was a little hesitant… but soon, Ching’s sweeping strokes with a body brush restored my confidence. The brush was abrasive, but in a strangely enjoyable way (am I a secret pain lover?!). Having battled with dry peeling skin for the past few weeks, I was grateful for the skin shedding that this dry body brush provided.

Decleor’s Slimming Effect Detox Balm was then spread over my body in a soothing massage-style application. The focus of the treatment is supposed to be two-fold – slimming and rejuvenating so that your skin is prepared for summer. The balm smelt delicious but this was quickly undone as a thick seaweed mask was applied over my body. Its clay-like smell and texture was overpowering, but the knowledge that seaweed is famed for draining and detoxifying just about justified it.

When the application was almost complete, I started to again dread the impending wrap. But Ching loosely draped a plastic sheet around me, covered me in towels and left me feeling snug rather than overly restricted, so I was able to lie back and enjoy the head massage that followed. The massage was firm and soothing, with Ching’s purposeful movements easing the tension away and helping me overcome my mild claustrophobia. At first, the intensity of her hands was a little too much but I started to be lulled by it… apart from when she massaged my temples a little too firmly and woke me from my spa-induced slumber!

Following a quick shower and change into a fresh pair of gloriously Bridget Jones style spa pants, I lay down for the final step of the body half of the treatment – an application of Decleor’s Slimming Effect serum, which left my skin feeling tingly and taut. Even if it didn’t actually slim me, the mental perception was there! By this point, the treatment was starting to feel a little pushed for time… but a new therapist, Gaya, restored the calm when I literally put my face in her hands for the final Regenerating Face Treatment.

This was a rejuvenating facial, designed to rehydrate skin and build up its immunity to pollution; continuing the detoxifying theme, a green tea product line from June Jacobs was used. My face was expertly cleansed and then exfoliated using a papaya mask, which smelt scrumptious. I had a wonderful facial massage, which both sent me to sleep and improved my facial drainage, and then I was treated to a brief arm massage whilst a mask was left on my face.

I have had a facial at the Hyatt before and completely trust in the products that they use and their experienced therapists’ knowledge of how to help me shine. The extraction part of the facial was a little painful, but that’s due to my lack of regular exfoliation rather than anything Gaya was doing. On the whole, the fact that I now find it impossible to recall most of the facial is testament to how soothing and relaxing it was! Most importantly, I left the spa feeling full of vigour in my newly slimmed and detoxed body and as if I had a facial glow that for once was not down to an alcoholic flush or clever make-up application.

This treatment is only on offer until the end of April, so whilst we’re experiencing this joyous bout of warm but not too humid weather, start getting your skin summer ready and spring into a new you!

The Spring Revival Treatment costs $2,000 for 150 minutes and is available until 30th April (except Saturdays and public holidays).

Plateau Spa, 11/F, Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong, 2584 7688

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