23 March, 2015

Silky smooth feet thanks to Lavar’s Spa Pedicure

23 March, 2015

Okay, let’s admit it, who else let’s their beauty routine get a bit slack in winter months? Nobody’s going to see my feet anyway, so why bother getting a pedicure? Sound familiar, ladies?

Just as well then that Lavar invited me to review their new pedicure service a few weeks before sandal season. It was finally time to get rid of that dry skin using their new pedicure drill machine. Now don’t worry readers, it’s a lot less scary than it sounds, and a lot more ticklish than I expected!


I got comfortable in the plush leather armchair as my feet soaked in a mini tub with jet streams. Yes, this really was my Monday afternoon, and it couldn’t get any better.


Maggie, my therapist, got to work tidying up my cuticles with the drill and then used a different tool on the drill to get rid of all my dry skin and callouses. She was very polite and asked me several times if I was comfortable and to let her know if I happened to be in any pain. If this was your first rodeo, you’d probably be nervous with a super-fast drill anywhere near your skin, but I’ve had pedicures before so it didn’t faze me much.


After all the drilling was done (I’m surprised I wasn’t in a dentist’s chair!), Margaret massaged my feet, which was absolute heaven, followed by a warm paraffin wax treatment to really soothe my feet and improve circulation. As I waited for the wax to set, I settled in with some of the latest magazines in between double-tapping on Instagram.


Before I knew it, Maggie was peeling the paraffin wax off and painting my nails a deep purple colour. And I was off with silky and velvety smooth feet.

The Signature Pedicure is $420. Keep an eye out on Sassy Sale for a special discount on manis and pedis at Lavar!

Lavar, 802 Parker House, 72 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, www.lavar.com.hk

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