16 November, 2011
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Secret Ingredient – Take back your kitchen!

16 November, 2011

I have been known to be the guinea pig for many things here at Sassy (hello Brazilian waxing trial!) but nothing was more fitting than the day Hester passed along an email to me asking if I wanted to do a trial of Secret Ingredient. Secret Ingredient is a new online food ordering system which delivers fresh ingredients straight to your door along with extremely easy cooking instructions that will help you put a home cooked meal on your table in 30 minutes. I am the first to admit that I am a complete disaster when it comes to cooking and it is one of my least favourite things to do so I was intrigued to try it out to see if it could pass the test and make this cooking novice feel cool, calm and collected in the kitchen.

The whole concept behind Secret Ingredient is pretty ingenious if you ask me. From start to finish they keep everything super simple. On their website they feature 4 different recipes which rotate every two weeks. They always feature a vegetarian option and a low carb option for those of you who are on special diets. The day I ordered I went for a nice balance of salmon and creamy mashed potatoes. Yum!

All ingredients are the best of the best. Their meat, fish and poultry is imported and their produce is sourced locally every day. Everything is prepared the day you order it and each portion serves two people and the whole ordering process is straight forward and easy with payment options either online (via a credit card) or upon delivery (via cash). Prices are around $200-$250HKD which if you ask me is amazing for a home cooked meal of such high quality foods. Rarely do I get out of City Super with a food bill under $500 these days! You can also order extra portions of meat or fish if you have a hearty appetite and it is also a great option for dinner parties too.

For me the absolute best part about this service is how it comes delivered. Every order comes with ALL the ingredients that you will need to make your meal. They also do all the prep work and measuring for you so you only have just the right amount of the things that are needed for your meal and each ingredient is packaged in a container with a dedicated letter which makes it ridiculously easy to follow the recipe (which is included in your delivery).

It is no lie when they say that prep time takes about 10 minutes and your meal is on your table within 30-40 minutes. I ordered my Secret Ingredient meal on a Sunday night (delivery days are Sunday-Friday) and my husband did not hear a peep from me during the entire process. He said that when I attempted to cook in the past there are usually various levels of cursing and cries of aggravation that came from the kitchen which were missing this time around. He even gave me the most glorious comment I ever heard him say about my cooking… he told me my meal tasted like it was from a restaurant which is a gold star in my book.

The Secret Ingredient website is so informative and it has a great question and answer section that breaks down the whole process. This really is amazing for time starved girls or self proclaimed disasters in the kitchen.

Dear Secret Ingredient – thanks for giving me the confidence to take back my kitchen!

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