10 April, 2013
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Sassy’s Midweek Minis – April

10 April, 2013

There’s always so much great stuff going on in HK that it can be hard to keep track… so here’s some hump day inspiration with a batch of Sassy’s Midweek Minis, a bite-sized catch-up with whatever’s been inspiring Team Sassy recently.

1. I desperately need to chop a few inches off my hair and I have been putting off making an appointment herefor ages (John is so fab!). I want to do a long bob but I have a feeling I will wimp out when I get in the chair and only get a teeny tiny trim!2. I’ve never really given much love to this shop but my style crush Olivia Palermo seems to love it (she mixes designer with this brand ALL the time) so I am looking forward to it opening in HK in May!

3. I thought I was lucky when I was a teen because I never broke out, but sadly my time has come and I seem to have a spot daily these days! I have no idea what is wreaking havoc on my skin so I’ve been referring to this to camouflage my Mount Etnas!



1. I have walked past this sparkly little boutique over a dozen times and have yet to pop in (I think I’ve been avoiding it because I know my credit card is almost guaranteed to take a thrashing)…

2. Grabbed dinner from here on my way home the other night – absolutely, positively delicious!

3. I love nail art (my Instagram feed is jam-packed with it) so I think I’ll have a crack at doing these DIY mani designs myself!




1.  Having just completed Bikini Fit, January was very dry, healthy and active! I’m looking forward to painting the town red at some of these cool new spots.

2.  I’m heading up to Beijing with work and have extended my stay to I can spend some time exploring the city – Sassy’s Guide to Beijing in hand, of course!

3. I don’t know why, but recently my beauty regime has gone from high maintenance to non-existent. On the must-do list this week is a pedicure – I may even treat myself to this one that Jaime raved about!




1. As far as I’m concerned, cheese is a food group by itself. So why am I not indulging in this every single week?!

2. I’ve been meaning to check out this shopping mecca for ages! Maybe it’ll be my little treat for sticking to my new year’s resolution for so long (kinda!).

3. What is with HK and its unpredictable weather? I know it’s supposed to be cold, but I find myself checking these awesome styles out instead…





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