14 June, 2012
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Introducing… Sassy’s Midweek Minis

14 June, 2012
There’s always so much great stuff going on in Hong Kong that it can be hard to keep track… and Sassy is no exception! So we’re introducing a new feature – Sassy’s Midweek Minis, a bite-sized catch-up session of whatever articles have been inspiring Team Sassy recently. So here’s hoping you’ll find some mid-week inspiration thanks to our Midweek Minis too!

1.  Um, this Lanvin DIY clutch is kind of amazing, isn’t it? I need to plan a Sham Shui Po trip and start getting crafty. Am thinking this is a fun idea for a girls’ night. DIY and wine anyone?
2.  I am going to randomly pick a date towards the end of the summer and just book a dinner here. I have been telling myself I will do this for ages and the procrastination officially stops here!
3. Ever since Sabrina wrote about a coral DVF day dress in our summer dress guide, it has been on my mind. I am inching closer and closer to buying it instead of drooling over it on the computer screen.


1.  I always want to be outside as soon as the sun is shining whether it be in Central or elsewhere on the Island, so I’ve been relying heavily on our Summer Top 5s; I’m currently working through the best beaches and alfresco bars.

2.  Having had my fill of beach holidays this year, I’m already starting to plan next year’s ski trip

3.  I’m desperate to try out the bottom bar on this list…. Now, I’ve found it, I just need to get in!



1.  I’ve been obsessed with summer neons lately… on my clothes, on my nails, on my lips! See proof here.

2.  I totally dig the scrummy homemade chips here – and yes, you heard right, unlimited portions! My chip connoisseur boyfriend is chomping at the bit to return.

3.  By the time you read this, I will be chilling out with a spiced masala chai and ginger scone with our That Girl Emma at Teakha – it really is the perfect laidback morning tea spot!



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