27 March, 2012

Sassy DIY: make your own Lanvin clutch!

27 March, 2012

We’re excited to welcome yet another guest blogger to Team Sassy! Meet Vanessa Lawson, who caught our eye with her gorgeous DIY fashion and scrummy recipes on her blog All Things Indulgent. For her first post, she shares with us her Oscar-inspired Lanvin DIY clutch – time to get the spray paint out, girls!

Awards season has always been a time when fashionistas and style-sympathisers keep their eyes peeled for who’s wearing what; not only this, but we all start trying to figure out how to translate celebrity red carpet style into everyday life!

I was no exception… granted my fashion obsession didn’t go so far as to keep me up in the middle of the night to watch the Oscars live, but the first thing I did the following morning was go online and play the recorded ceremony to pick out the outfits that I loved. I was certainly not disappointed! There were plenty of leading ladies looking fabulous (and a few more looking…how shall I put it… less than stellar) and whilst the gowns were long, luscious and luxurious, I focused a lot on accessories because that is where I saw some DIY potential!

Katie Holmes is definitely not my favourite actress; however, I thought she looked beautiful at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Her chiffon Elie Saab gown flowed elegantly and the jewelled bust line is gorgeous. However, my focus was stolen by her lacquered Lanvin Jewelled Eagle Evening Minaudiere.

This clutch is from Lanvin’s Spring 2012 collection and oozes chic art-deco style. I love that it’s a hard box clutch, thus fully protecting all your essentials nestled inside. The contrast of white and the crystallised abstract eagle design make it a seriously eye-catching accessory but it’s still neutral enough to match any outfit. This was a really easy DIY project, so much so that I’m definitely going to be repeating this again in the future using other colours and detailing.

What you need:

  • 1 Perspex Box – make sure it has a hinge (this can be purchased in most haberdashery or jewellery shops on Sham Shui Po’s Yu Chau Street. I bought mine from “Accessory Republic” on the corner of Yu Chau & Pei Ho Street)
  • 1 Can White Spray Paint
  • Scotch tape
  • 1 Tube clear contact adhesive
  • 1 Small Sheet of Leather (I used some fake leather that I had lying around the house. I’m sure I found it in Sham Shui Po; there are many stalls and shops along Ki Lung Street (around number 193) that sell leather, both real and fake)
  • A mix of different shaped & coloured crystals (“Kiwi”, a few shops down from “Accessory Republic” on Yu Chau Street, is a treasure trove of embellishments – everything from sparkles to mini plastic sweets… I even made a ‘candy crown’ for a party once!)

How to:

1.  Cut out the shape of the embellishment from the leather sheet. In this instance, I’ve drawn out an estimated shape of a bat-eagle hybrid!

2.  Using the scotch tape, cover the outside of the Perspex box and the edges. Keep the inside uncovered.

3.  Lay the open Perspex box on a sheet of newspaper and spray evenly with the white spray paint. Leave to dry and then spray with another coat. Remember: whenever you use spray paint, be sure to spray in a well-ventilated area.

4.  Whilst the paint dries, use the contact adhesive to stick the crystals onto the leather.

5.  Once the paint has dried, peel the scotch tape off the outside of the box.

6.  Using the contact adhesive, stick the leather and crystal-embellished shape onto the top of the box. Leave to dry.


I’ve been finding excuses to use this clutch almost everyday since I made it! I just love it so much and it’s so easy to match with anything because of the neutrality of the white colour.

An additional perk of having a Perspex box as a clutch that I discovered at dinner one night is that if anything drops on it, you don’t need to stress about having to clean it – simply grab a tissue and wipe it clean. Fashionable AND spotless – can’t complain!

Check out more of Vanessa’s fantastic DIY projects, plus all things fashionable and fabulous, on her blog All Things Indulgent!

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