6 May, 2011

Sassy Scoop – Reebonz

6 May, 2011

I recently had a revelation that less may actually be more. You see, everyday I stare into my closet filled with H&M and Zara and see it overflowing with things that to be honest, really don’t excite me. I am that classic case of “I have nothing to wear syndrome” so my new theory is to go for quality over quantity and my goal is to buy well made bags, shoes and clothes that I really and truly love. The problem with this is that quality typically costs a lot of money – money that I am trying my very best to save.

Enter Reebonz, an online shopping destination that makes it oh so easy for girls like us (majorly cramped for time, fashion conscious, loves a good deal and internet savvy) to buy brand new luxury items such as Miu Miu, Prada and Chloe at prices way lower then we see in stores – we are talking savings up to 70% off retail!

Reebonz is a member-based site that is free to join via an invitation. We’ve got you covered on this so make sure you read below for your special invite! Once you have signed up you will have access to special events that are held every weekday starting at 12noon. Each event lasts only 2-3 days and it will feature products at drool worthy prices.

The only hitch is this… The prices are so good that you need to act fast. The rule is simple, if you like it you should buy it then and there because chances are if you don’t someone else will and it may not be there when you come back for it later. Reebonz has a great return policy so if you find a defect in the product then you can return it and get credits back to your Reebonz account.

All items are listed in HK dollars and shipping to Hong Kong is free so the price you see is exactly the price you will pay at the end. No unexpected surprises, which I love. Shipping typically takes 3-5 working days and when it comes to your home it is packaged in a lovely box or bag, which if you ask me is simply the best treat to come home to after a long day.

Once you become a member of Reebonz there may come a time where you will feel the need to be connected to it at all times. No worries, my dear friends. Reebonz is with the times and has both an iPhone app and a Facebook Page.

So, what is up next for Reebonz? A Prada sale which starts today at 12pm (Friday 6 May)! This is what I currently have my eyes on…

Prada Saffiano Shopping Bag

Special Invitation just for Sassy!
Reebonz has exclusively invited all Sassy readers to become a member of their site. By signing up you will get access to countless designer bags and other goodies all throughout the year. To even sweeten the deal they will give you 20 credits (approx. $120 HKD), which can be used like cash towards your very first purchase. The credits are valid for 30 days so keep your eye out for something special that you can use it towards! Click here for your invite (all you need to do is enter your email and password in the upper right hand corner of  the screen).




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