30 May, 2011

Sassy Scoop: Nuxe

30 May, 2011

Ladies, I have a confession….until now, I have never had a regular skin care regime. Sure, I wash my face at night before I go to sleep, but beyond applying lotion if my skin gets overly dry, and slathering on the SPF 50 when I’m going to be out in the sun all day, I admit I have not been doing anything to help my skin look its best and prevent aging.

I have gotten away with this routine for far too long, and recently started thinking about what I can do to take better care of my skin, both for immediate results and for the future.  The problem is, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to toners and purifiers and serums. Naturally, when the Sassy team had a chance to try out Nuxe skincare products, I was ready to embrace the learning opportunity! Based in Paris, Nuxe products are known throughout Europe and North America for their luxury and use of natural ingredients, but are relatively new to the Asia market.  Hester has long been a fan of Nuxe’s Crème Fraîche series (which she finds is friendly to her sensitive skin), so I was excited to check out Nuxe products and confident that they would not irritate my face like some of the other treatments I have used in the past.

A Nuxe representative suggested that I try the new Aroma-Perfection series.  Aroma-Perfection products are designed to work well in hot and humid climates for a variety of ages, skin types, and skincare needs.  The Cleansing Gel, Purifying Lotion, and Pore-Reducing Serum are great for girls like me who are seeking a better skincare routine, but want to keep things simple and natural.  Depending on the product, 78% to 97% of the ingredients come from nature, such as wild pansy, iris, and mangosteen to clear and tighten pores, and rosemary water to reduce shine.  The serum also contains blue everlasting flower extract to help prevent skin from premature signs of aging (something that has been on my mind recently after receiving an invitation to a high school reunion celebrating more years since graduation than I want to believe have passed!).

I have been using the Purifying Lotion and Serum for a few weeks now, and like them both for how light and fresh they feel on my skin.  After application, my skin feels noticeably tighter and appears less shiny, which is a huge plus in the summer heat and humidity, when I want to have my skin looking its best naturally without having to layer on makeup. I also appreciate that the fragrance of the Aroma-Perfection series is so understated and natural, as heavily scented products can quickly become too intense in the heat.  Although overseas, Nuxe products are available at upscale spas and department stores such as Bliss, Henri Bendel, and Harrods, in Hong Kong they are currently making their debut at Sasa – which makes me feel like I am getting a good deal on a little bit of luxury!

Nuxe products are available at Sasa throughout Hong Kong; Prices range from approximately HK$200 for the Purifying Cleansing Gel to HK$450 for the Perfecting Moisturizing Emulsion.

Sassy Scoop: Want to try out Nuxe for yourself? We have a variety of samples to give away to early birds at June Sassy Hour, and one complete Aroma Perfection line (Purifying Cleansing Gel, Skin Perfecting Purifying Lotion, Pore Reducing Serum, and Perfecting Moisturizing Emulsion) for the June Sassy Hour lucky draw winner.



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