13 December, 2010
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Sassy Scoop: Indulge Now, I-Detox Later with Twangoo’s 51% off deal!

13 December, 2010

That’s it, we are throwing in the towel and admitting defeat for the month of December. It is simply way too hard to resist all the yummy goodness that has been paraded before us at every holiday party we attend. The champagne has been flowing, the eggnog has been spiked and we are not embarrassed to say that we have been eating chocolate truffles by the fistful.

‘Tis the season for over-indulgence, right? Yup, that is our philosophy too so for the remaining 3 weeks of 2010 we are removing the calorie counter from our brain and the master plan is to deal with the ugly mess we created in our bodies come January.

The big question we have is… what is the best way to clean up our body after all the sinful things we put into it over the month of December?

Enter Foxy Lola from Twangoo. Just today she sent us an amazing deal on the I-Detox Superfood Lifestyle Detox. The 9 day program is only $1,980 which is an amazing 51% discount off the regular $4,000 price. The price includes all the necessary products that will help get you back into your skinny jeans plus 2 group consultations which will happen before and after the detox. The great news is that this is not a fasting detox (phew!) so you definitely won’t go hungry. For the 9 days you will ingest only natural superfoods which contain tons of nutrients and zero toxins. These superfoods will help your body get rid of all the toxins it has accumulated over time and restore your body back to its natural balanced state. Sounds like the perfect way to start a New Year to us!

Here is how it works.
Step 1: Attend the Pre-Consultation on either 11 or 13 January 2011. This is where I-Detox will explain the program, answer your questions and provide you with all the superfood and supplements you will need for the 9 days.
Step 2: Detox for 9 days.
Step 3: Attend the Post-Consultation after the detox is completed on the 20 or 25 of January 2011

Foxy Lola has tried the detox herself so to get the inside scoop on her experience and to purchase the detox at this amazing deal click here.

The availability of this Detox Deal is limited, so we’re purchasing ours now so we can feel better about spending our afternoon munching on mince pies and scoffing truffles!

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