18 January, 2010

Sassy Scoop – Free Hand Massages from BVLGARI!

18 January, 2010

Have you ever been green with envy when seeing celebrities with radiant, flawless and seemingly ageless complexions?

Sure, they have dermatologists at their beck and call to fix any blemish that tries to make it above the surface, but the real secret is that they know the importance of a marvelous skincare line to keep their dermis glowing and free from the fine lines that plague the rest of us mere mortals.

The latest Sassy Scoop is that BVLGARI’s Merveilleuse (which means marvelous, by the way) is the “it” anti-aging skincare of the moment. The architectural creams and serums retrain the skin to nourish itself all while firming and sculpting.

The Merveilleuse Line consists of three targeted products: Elixir Merveilleux, a serum made with Camelina oil rich in Omega 3, Regard Merveilleux with Macadamia Oil to treat the fragile eye contour area, and firming cream Baume Merveilleux which includes Sahku butter, made from a mysterious fire-resistant tree from Bengal. Blending these potent oils and butters with a technologically targeted Nutri-Restore Complex to target and restore ceramides (the science bit!) and soothe irritated skin means that this skincare line is both natural and hi-tech – the perfect combination as far as we’re concerned!

When you think of BVLGARI, your mind of course turns to precious stones and glittering gems – and now BVLGARI is even including these elements in their skincare products as the Merveilleuse line has BVLGARI GEM ESSENCE ®, a formula containing extracts of precious stones such as sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine. Ooh La La!

BVLGARI would like to give all Sassy girls the chance to experience their Marveilleuse range literally first-hand with a soothing hand massage at their Lane Crawford Beauty Counter in Pacific Place. They’ll also give you a 2-piece sample set from their skincare line to take away and experiment with at home.

What: Complimentary 15-minute hand massage & 2-piece sample set
Where: BVLGARI Beauty Counter, Lane Crawford (Pacific Place)
When: 15 January – 14 February
To Book: Call 3583 1187 to schedule your appointment

To redeem your free gift print out this Sassy Scoop and hand it in the day of your appointment. As much as we would love for you to have multiple hand massages this offer is only good for one time use.

We suggest that you make your booking fast because the massage is just marvelous!

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