18 January, 2010

Golden Globes 2010 Fashion

18 January, 2010

On a wet and windy night in Hollywood (our early morning which is just perfect for sitting munching brekkie and watching the action), the stars gathered to celebrate the awards which most pundits believe is a great indication of Oscar success. Who won what is fairly immaterial… who WORE what is more what we’re interested in! There was an awful lot of black on the red carpet this year, with many stars choosing to play it extremely safe. Courtney Cox-Arquette in Victoria Beckham (above) is one such celeb who erred on the side of caution, but when you look this ridiculously beautiful it reads more as wisdom to tread the classic path. And who would ever have thought that Victoria Beckham would be a go-to choice for award show attire?

Nudes and neutrals were another huge trend for the glitterati, with Jennifer Garner in Atelier Versace showing us one of the more show-stopping numbers. Perfect in its minimal elegance, it hugs the body so tightly that I’d imagine a sandwich before the ceremony was a big no-no. Elizabetta Canalis has the best accessory of the evening – a clinging George Clooney, but still manages to outshine him in this slinky, sexy, nude dress by Roberto Cavalli. Doesn’t she look a lot like Teri Hatcher here too?

The nude dresses just kept on coming, with this trio of women choosing the most decorative designs they could find. The jury’s out for me as to whether these are hits or misses. Part of me loves Chloe Sevigny’s frock, part of me feel like it wears her. I’m not sure what’s going on with Drew Barrymore’s hip shelf, but I bet it came in handy to rest her martini on at the after party! 

This next trio are the ones I don’t find so successful – kind of “must try harders”. I don’t hate them, but don’t love them either.

I think for these three ladies the reason I’d judge them as middling is mostly because they’ve previously attained great fashion heights… Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress is kind of bulky round the hips and unflattering, and her shoes are yawnsome, January Jones looks swamped by black (that headband just does nothing) and Marion Cotillard who I usually love just looks like her dress doesn’t fit properly.

We hate being mean girls, so I’m not going to post the misses here, but you can check out the whole gang and judge for yourself here!

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