4 May, 2010
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Sassy Scoop – Discover Zenergy

4 May, 2010

Do you ever wonder why you just can’t seem to win the battle you have with that pesky roll of flab that just chills out on your waist? We certainly do and our story typically goes like this…

We wake up in the morning with intention of eating right and exercising but somehow we end up stressed out and crazy-busy. At the end of the day, we have zero energy and the idea of hitting the gym and a well-balanced meal gets tossed aside for a bag of crisps and a nice glass of white wine.

The days we do go to the gym we spend our time torturing ourselves trying to achieve the perfect mid section for bikini season but no matter how hard we try, wobbly bits remain and we want to scream in frustration because they “JUST WON’T GO AWAY”!!

If only we knew the missing link to make it all a little bit better, a little bit more manageable and a little healthier.

On Wednesday 26 May, Zenergy will be teaching us this missing link and if you are at your wits end (like us!) then let them explain how stress, hormones, and toxins can have negative effects on your energy and fat levels. They will be giving us tips on how to say goodbye to our “muffin top” for good and they will also be testing your Zinc and Stomach Acid levels to tell you what simple fixes you can make to your lifestyle to look and feel healthier!

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 26 May
Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm
Venue: Optimum Performance Studio (2/F, World Trust Tower 50 Stanley Street)
Cost: $250 for the seminar, snack, Zinc/Stomach Acid test (Valued at $900)
RSVP: As space is limited we suggest you reserve your spot via the Paypal link below
Payment: In advance via Paypal or on the door
Special Note: Payments received before 24 May will receive a personalized thyroid assessment

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    About Zenergy: Miles Price, a personal trainer and wellness coach, formed Zenergy in 2009. At Zenergy their passion is delivering customised individual and corporate health solutions, which maximise energy and vitality.  Miles works from two principal locations: Lauren Bramley’s Doctor office & The Body Group.

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