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Sassy Sale Deal: 63% off a Photography Session with NYC-exhibited photographer Sylvain Guenot

Sylvain Guenot is a French-born, UK-based, and NYC-exhibited photographer who is highly sought-after for his original and thoughtful portraits. And it just so happens he’s going to be in the 852 for the next twelve days. Oh – and we’ve managed to get him to clear his schedule to give us a block of exclusive bookings just for you!

We’re scored you major savings on a package that includes a session with Sylvain plus 30 digital images. Valued at $9600, with this Sassy Sale deal it’s only $3600. Plus you’ll get a 20% discount on all prints and digital images you order. And while he’s known for his striking black and white photos, he does exquisite colour photography too. From families and couples, to just yourself or your kids, he’ll shoot everything on location.

But you’ll want to move fast on this one… there are only a limited number of spots available and he’s only in town for 12 days. So we suggest you clear your schedule and get moving!




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