24 September, 2015
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Sassy Horoscopes For October

24 September, 2015

What’s written in the stars this month? October has some good vibes in store…

There are some fabulous moments to enjoy this month as Jupiter, Venus and Mars meet in the Virgo constellation (felt most on the 10th and 25th!); a pure, refined wholesome energy is blooming into the universe. It’s an auspicious time to wear earthy colours and a neutral palette (if you’re looking for an extra boost of luck!) and the Sun’s in the balanced sign of the Scales, so celebrate your lovely Libra friends in style.


ARIES: 21 March – 19 April
You’re hitting full on busy-bee work mode from the 9th – go get ’em! You’ve all the energy in the world to tie up loose ends and you’re a strong-headed type, so this month with the sun lighting up the diplomat in you it’s possible to harness a more balanced energy. Think harmony in your one-to-ones and practice a bit of patience! It’s the best month of a two-year stretch for you to crank it up at the gym Aries, review your health and go to the doctor for a check-up if there are any niggles – you hate to be slowed down and prevention is better than cure. You can really align the physical and inner workings of the body so use October to set your wheels in motion!


TAURUS: 20 April – 20 May
Your busy mind may be working overtime, your job might be taking up a lot of space and daily life may have been fraught with errors and mishaps lately, but don’t worry! All will be well and resume normal functioning from the 10th, besides, haven’t you noticed? You’re in the mood to have fun! The summer sun may be setting but your good times are still rolling Miss Taurus, in fact you’re only just getting started. Your creativity is at an all time high (not to mention your sex appeal…) – Venus is sliding very merrily into your relationship zone and you can expect some truly fabulous moments this month. Mark the 25th as special (with a capital ‘S’) but reserve the 27th to celebrate you! A full moon falls in your sign and your unique talents are clear for all to see – pat on the back for your latest achievements.


GEMINI: 21 May – 20 June
With your ruler Mercury retrograding a little longer in fellow air sign Libra, you can count on being a bit off balance until the 10th (especially when it comes to matters of the heart!). Rest assured that miscommunications with lovers will be smoothed out, and that’s just dandy, as you’re getting into the mindset of taking relationships a lot more seriously now… If you’ve been pining for the perfect love they could enter over the next couple of years (or you could feel more inclined to commit!), keep your eyes peeled and create your partner wish-list now. Home and family is are areas that are really flourishing for you Gemini – in the next twelve months your abode is going to have a boost of positivity in one way, shape or form, and this month can set off on the right foot by beautifying and doing a bit of handy work (come on, it’s not so hard!). A little money and a dollop of elbow grease can go a very long way…


CANCER: 21 June – 22 July
The stars are aligned for some stellar networking opportunities in October, Miss Crab. Dust off your lucky shoes and step out to socialise – you could make important contacts that help you no end if you take the initiative – don’t be shy! Life is yours for the taking. It’s likely that you’ll have a far more structured and serious approach to work over the next few years and your network could really empower you and deliver unexpected career opportunities. Keep the door open to higher learning – if you need to brush up on an area of study seize the day! Buy a series of books (or listen to that language tape) and welcome that stream of information. You could be in for a change of career or altered direction over the coming years and you’ll want to be prepared – now you’re in the throws of reviewing what that path might look like – it may be a foggy picture but you can always use meditation to clear the way and focus in on your dreams…


LEO: 23 July – 22 August
Wow. How was your summer Leo? Wild right?? October squeezes a bit more out of fabulous you before offering the chance to exhale. But you’re not thinking about resting on your laurels – you’re primed to make money now, and can harness the stars to secure yourself a wonderful little nest egg. Don’t be surprised if the universe slips you a favour on the 25th, giving you a taste of what’s to come… Mercury’s teasing your grey matter but rest assured he’ll stop playing on the 10th. Life moves so fast at times it’s difficult to take a moment to round up achievements, stop and smell the roses (and the smell of sweet success!). The full moon on the 27th offers the opportunity to see your career accomplishments in all their glory – do write a list to see it on paper – you can add it to your resume or portfolio. Shine a light on recent works and be proud of what you’ve built these past few months.


VIRGO: 23 August – 22 September
October promises to be busy and then some for you Virgo’s – thankfully there are untold reserves of energy at your disposal (courtesy of ardent Mars in your sign), don’t let it get you hot under the collar! Channel it to your advantage. It’s a great time for you to reflect on your values and security, and think on what you want in terms of material goods around you – you can also use the next few weeks to figure out your finances (although this is best done after the 10th). Get ready for languid goddess energy too, as beauty planet Venus graces your sign from the 9th October right through till November 8th – now’s a good time to pep up your look or go in for a complete overhaul and makeover. It’ll go well as lucky Jupiter is giving you his bountiful blessings. If you didn’t celebrate your birthday in style then use the 25th to step-out and shine – it could be even better.


LIBRA: 23 September – 22 October
Can you hear a soft tinkling? Beautiful dreams are calling! Your subconscious mind is highly active this month, awakening long forgotten intentions – have you been yearning to do something else with your days? You can tap into an alternative calling now, if you tune in and listen, or a clue may have recently revealed itself… Birthday celebrations have put you in the spotlight Miss Libra, but it’s behind the scenes where the real action’s taking place. A powerful new moon falls in your sign on the 13th – use this phase of the lunar cycle to set goals – it’s a fresh phase that’s focused on you, and what you really, really want. You can become close to your heart’s desire and now really is a good time to prepare for something big and life changing that will be arriving next year. Line up your ducks…


SCORPIO: 23 October – 21 November
You’ve dedicated your energies to career advancements this summer Scorp and now it’s time to take the pressure off work matters and join your people again! Time for socialising and getting involved with the group, where you’ll have a true sense of belonging… If you’ve had your eye on an activity, club or social set that you want to get involved in now is the time to throw your hat in the ring, they could really use your kind of creativity! Before you know it you’ll be back in the limelight for your birthday season – you’ll be preoccupied, with personal matters high on the agenda. However, over the next year your place is really championing a bigger cause and offering your talents to the tribe. Communication and networking feels easier now, pay attention to your dreams early in the month…


SAGITTARIUS: 22 November – 21 December
The most exuberant sign of the zodiac, fire sign Saggi is in for a period of focus, discipline and your could be feeling the rumblings, as serious Saturn enters your sign right now. Reality bites and you’re about to get a three year opportunity to master a skill, achieve great things and work the grindstone to your advantage. Life could feel more lean, mean and tough but the great news is that you’ll be duly rewarded for your efforts. In fact, you’re promised big career advancements if you put the time in, and October heralds an auspicious period to set you on a path to success. Pay attention to matters around your standing in the world this month, as they give you clues to where your luck will blossom. You’re energised and primed to step up to the plate and take on more responsibility Sagittarius – grab it.


CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19
There is movement underway in personal matters for Capricorn, the ongoing circumstances that have been transforming your very core pick up momentum again this month, slowly but surely you’re transitioning, like a butterfly emerging, the chick tapping at its shell. Trust the process and enjoy the journey! You’ve got bags of stamina around learning and expanding your mind now and for some time yet – you can really pursue a higher state of consciousness, get on it this month and it will feel extra sweet too… Luck favours your education now and you’ll have a zeal that makes it easy to follow through. If you’re looking to travel now is favoured, you can enjoy fun with friends and in a group setting so say yes to social activities, even if you’ve got to go further afield. A healing holiday can be considered– if not in the immediate perhaps start considering the idea…


AQUARIUS: 20 January – 18 February
Dear Aquarius, you’re really going to see the fruits of your labour pay off this month and can even give a gentle nudge (or solid push!) in the right direction. Luck favours the brave on the 25th and for you this relates to outside income – an influx of money or power from an external source. There may have been a touch of fog around “what’s mine, what’s yours and what’s theirs” lately; these matters could still be murky but will grow clearer bit by bit. It’s an outstanding time for learning Aqua babe – review and rethink what you want to know and use the month of October to educate yourself – doesn’t have to be heavy, just those outstanding bits of data you want locked down in the memory banks. Presto.


PISCES: 19 February – 20 March
Love, love, love. Assume your relationships will take up the majority of your energies this October Miss Pisces, but also tune into that more structured vibe at work (it’s definitely here to stay!). There are blissful times to be had with your significant other now – be it your lover, your best friend or important figures in your life – enjoy your one-on-ones. Partnership and harmonious outcomes might be all you can focus on, which could be lovely or a little overwhelming depending on how you guide your energies. Remember, it’s not your place to please everyone, all the time. You’re in the mood to go deep which could be sexy and steamy – it could also be pretty intense and get others a bit too hot under the collar! Take a step back and enjoy the good times – when in doubt throw in a measure of equilibrium.

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