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Sassy Addresses: Vanilla

Since coming to Hong Kong I definitely don’t cook nearly as much as I did when I was living in Switzerland. I use the excuse of having a tiny kitchen bla bla, but the truth is probably that a big part of it is just laziness! One of the most exciting discoveries I made after about six months of trekking past the blackboard above on the mid-levels escalator and not really noticing it, was to turn right onto Mosque Street and find Vanilla.

Vanilla is a little shop and bakery that sells a wonderful selection of cakes, and also quiches, salads, sandwiches and ready-made lasagne, fish pie, shepherd’s pie etc. It also has what I am sure are the best brownies in Hong Kong, with a firm, crumbly outside, and fudgy gooey deliciousness inside. I often run down to pick up a last-minute dinner when I have had one of those busy days where you suddenly realize it’s 7pm and haven’t even thought about what to cook. You can also eat in the shop at a counter with high stools against the window.

Vanilla can be found at 33 Mosque Street, Mid-Levels. Tel: 2530 4828

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