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Help Support the Africa Yoga Project

My friend Jessica recently told me about an amazing not-for-profit organization called Africa Yoga Project (AYP). The story of AYP touched my heart so much I wanted to share it with you. The goal of Africa Yoga Project is to empower youths, create a community and promote well-being in East Africa through the practice of Yoga. It brings different tribes and villages together to practice yoga in a playful yet authentic way. Tribes that typically experience conflict and violence are coming together as a result of this program and learning to accept, respect and appreciate one another. In addition to introducing the students to yoga, AYP provides educational scholarships, job training, food stipends, temporary housing and health services to the people in East Africa.

Jessica will be traveling to Kenya in mid April to be a volunteer in the first ever Yoga teacher training program for Kenyans. As a volunteer, Jessica has committed to raise funds for AYP. She has created a bracelet (HK $200) and all of the proceeds will go to the Africa Yoga Project. A picture of the bracelet is above and it comes in dark chocolate and caramel. The bracelet is a leather cord held together by a sterling silver tube, which has the word “Atha” on it (Atha means Now in Sanskrit). If you are interested in purchasing one and supporting AYP please contact Jessica at [email protected]
Visit the Africa Yoga Project website for more information  on AYP: www.africayogaproject.org

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