Sassy Addresses: Swimwear

This summer, Sassy has swimwear sorted!

We’ve posted about it before, but it bears repeating that Ozzie Cozzie is one of the best places in Hong Kong to find the perfect feel-good bikini. I can’t believe that anyone LOVES bikini shopping, in the same way as shoe shopping for example (my feet never have a fat day)! Ozzie Cozzie really takes the ick out of b-ik-ini shopping… see what I did there?

Tucked away in an otherwise unremarkable building in LKF, Ozzie Cozzie will delight you as you step through their doors with a dazzle of colour and pattern. Thankfully, they’re all arranged by size too, so no need to dig through racks and racks to find what fits. I just love the Seafolly range they stock, which seem to be some of the best-made bikinis I’ve ever tried on (with accompanying price tag unfortunately).

The sales style is helpful but laid-back – no hovering around the changing room curtain to catch a glimpse of your wobbly bits! Apart from bikinis, they also stock a huge range of swimsuits and tankinis, so even the most body-conscious girl is catered for.

Apart from Ozzie Cozzie, Sassy also recommends Amandarling on Lyndhurst Terrace for pretty prints and adorable coverups (though their swimwear doesn’t have any padding, which is a problem for us girls who need a little “help”). Their kids range is just too sweet, and they have the most covetable candy-coloured beach towels to brighten up your little patch of sand.

We’re ready to hit the beach!
Image via Amandarling
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