18 June, 2015

That’s the Way we Like It

18 June, 2015

At the risk of upsetting some hopelessly romantic readers we’re going to be quite frank. 99% of women want their engagement rings to be stunning, the other 1% say they don’t but in reality they do too. Please note we’re saying beautiful… not big, because as with most things in life size does not equal quality, especially not with diamonds. And the right ring needs a perfect proposal to go with it too. Enter Paul aka Prince Charming who not only whisked his gorgeous fiancé (now wife) Zoe on a Safari before getting down on one knee, but who let her design her own ring with Ryder Diamonds too. Now that, ladies and gents, is our idea of a fairytale.

If you’ve seen some of Sally Ryder’s diamonds then you’ll know why we’re a little bit jealous of Zoe. Sparkly settings and intricate details are all part and parcel of a Ryder ring and Sassy founder Hester entrusted her with her engagement ring, too. We’ve also checked out the Ryder experience for ourselves so this company is most definitely a tried and tested Sassy favourite!

We obviously wanted to see and hear all about Zoe’s ring and she kindly divulged every detail, which we were delighted about! We think Paul nailed it and have a funny feeling you’ll agree, just read the short and sweet interview below to make up your own mind.

Ryder Diamonds - Supporting Image1Tell us about the proposal.
We were engaged in the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya while on Safari in Sri Lanka. It was a big surprise and Paul proposed with a coloured stand-in engagement ring that he bought in Sri Lanka. I had no idea!

Ryder Diamonds - Supporting Image2What was it like creating your own ring with Ryder?
In one word, it was personal. Paul gave Sally Ryder a budget he was comfortable with to keep the costing side private so she could source a diamond that was the right size, shape and price. It was great because I could design the ring I really wanted and Paul could rest assured that it would all be within budget.

Ryder Diamonds - Supporting Image3Can you tell us about the design process, did you know what you wanted?
I love cushion cuts and halo settings and Sally walked me through everything in depth. From the claws that would be used in the setting to how the underside of the setting would look, no stone was left unturned… literally! After she sourced the diamond the crafting started in her onsite workshop. Once the mounting (goldwork) was done, Paul and I went in to check out the size and that the design was coming together as planned. When we were 100% happy with the setting, the diamond was set, gold polished and plated and the final ring revealed.


This dream come true can be yours too. Just get in touch with Sally Ryder and her team to find out how you can create your perfect ring just like this gorgeous couple!

Ryder Diamonds, 10/F Kimley Building, 142-146 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2805 2589, www.ryderdiamonds.com


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