New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

2010 is the year I get organized – I promise…

I am not a disorganized person by any means but I am the first to admit that I am not neat and tidy all the time. My first step to organization in the coming year is giving my necklaces a proper home. Currently they are all jumbled together in a jewelry box that is way to small to fit them all (imagine a box bursting with tangled necklaces and that is what I have). I have been wanting a dress form for a while now and I think this is the perfect solution for keeping my necklaces all in one place and looking so very pretty at the same time.

The dress form above is so beautiful. My style is usually more on the modern side but there is something so girly and feminine about this picture that makes me want to duplicate it in my home. I love the vintage measuring tape and the ribbon belt that “she” was given to create a style all of her own. I can just imagine myself getting ready to go out and as a last step going over to my dress form to figure out what necklace will finalize my look….

I have heard that you can buy a dress form in Sham Shui Po so when I get back from the holidays I will be making a trip to start 2010 the organized way (at least on the jewelry front!).
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