16 June, 2015
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MySnappyCart: Speedy groceries delivered straight to your door!

16 June, 2015

There’s nothing better than supporting a Sassy Girl while indulging in some seriously yummy haloumi cheese! A busy mama of three, Sabrina Sakhrani launched her personalised grocery delivery website MySnappyCart earlier this year, offering same-day grocery delivery straight to your doorstep. It doesn’t get faster than this, girls!

Sabrina’s inspiration for MySnappyCart came after calculating that she spent three hours every week on grocery shopping alone – precious time that we know a mama of three could have spent with her kids, working or hey, at the spa!

I’ve done the delivery thing through Wellcome and PARKnSHOP before but what sets MySnappyCart apart from other grocery websites and even the big supermarket delivery services is that your order can arrive as quickly as within two hours. Not only that, but when you select your fruit, vegetables, breads and everything else, your order is actually hand-picked by trained shoppers who know to choose the freshest produce and latest expiry dates.

Think of it as an extension of your own super-savvy-shopper-self: now you can rest at ease knowing someone else will riffle all the way to the back of the shelf for the latest expiry date. For me, that means no more bruised bananas, which was my primary reason for avoiding fresh produce in my bulk orders in the past!



MySnappyCart boasts a 2-hour delivery service, meaning within two hours after you click order completion, you could very well hear (or smell) that haloumi knocking at your door. You can’t compete with that, with other delivery services taking anywhere between 1-5 days. Sure enough, when I placed my order in the morning, I was delighted to find my order at my door that afternoon.


It’s more than a bit reassuring to know that you can get what you need so quickly after you place your order. If I had known about this back when I was making Thanksgiving dinner, I wouldn’t have had to stop what I was doing and rush out, just for a stick of butter! You girls know as well as anyone that when you’re preparing for a dinner party, you don’t have an hour to spare just to run down to the shop and pick up something you’ve forgotten…



As they only just started up a few weeks ago, their range of products is still being developed, but Sabrina assured us that further expansion is in the works and new items are being added daily. Their goal is to cover all the items in the supermarkets shortly as well as offer selections from specialty shops. At the moment, they offer more than 5000 items, which should be enough for your daily fare, plus a bit more. If there is really something you want that isn’t on their site, there is a “special request” button where you can ask them to pick up that item as well, which will cover anything else.


Aside from your standard fruits, veggies, bread and butter, I was pleased to see they had some more specialty products such as free-range chicken, organic free-range eggs, fresh herbs organic quinoa and Korean strawberries (I’m a sucker for strawberries) which sadly our local supermarket doesn’t always have.



After looking through their website, I did a browse of both the online big chains and our local supermarket. MySnappyCart offered the same prices as the regular prices in PARKnSHOP and Wellcome, minus their bulk-order deals and sales. While I am a ‘Clearance’ girl through and through, which I understand would be hard for these delivery services to offer, they do offer free delivery on orders over $100, as opposed to $500 like their competitors, which could even things out. Now you don’t need to click $450 worth of TP just to get free delivery for the few items you actually need. (It’s ok, we’ve all done it before.)




I was curious to see the difference in results between the big-store delivery trucks and individualised shopping, so we selected a wide range from the fresh produce section. Indeed the apple and kiwis were plump and large and the strawberries and blueberries looked ripe and delicious (did I mention I was a sucker for strawberries?). Avocados — little man’s fave — were at least 1.5x the size of the paltry ones they started selling at our lovely local supermarket. Not a spot of mould or rotten fruit anywhere either, which is more than I can say for said lovely local supermarket, even when I’ve picked them myself!



I was impressed by the personal, friendly and helpful service I received. I was bit bummed at first to hear that the cream cheese and baking soda I had ordered was out of stock, but touched by how Sabrina herself called to personally apologise and offer either an alternative or a full refund. That’s good service, which is more than I can say for some other shops in Hong Kong… They had actually gone to three different shops and still couldn’t find it, so it may have just been the shortage of stock recently in Hong Kong in general.


Our lovely bags of goodies were hand-delivered by two of the lovely ladies themselves, MySnappyCart’s trained shoppers who lugged it all the way on the ferry over. I felt a bit bad for ordering so much, but they assured me that they were used to it!

Our order came with a receipt addressed to me in a handwritten envelope. I can’t even remember the last time I got a hand-written message! (Thanks a lot, crappy friends. Just kidding, I love you.) Call me lame, but this personal touch to their service did it for me. I used to love snail mail but all the bills upon bills of being a grown up had kind of killed it.




I was more than happy with my stash of fresh avocados, wine and cheese, plus all the other daily victuals (you mean, other than wine and cheese?). I’m are excited for their expansion and will definitely be checking back often to see what new items they’ve added.


It was great that I could choose a two-hour window for delivery so I wasn’t waiting around all day for the order, and I love how lovely and helpful MySnappyCart’s trained shoppers are. Great service, fast delivery, flexibility and convenience are what will have me coming back to MySnappyCart again soon. Now excuse me while I go finish off that haloumi.

Browse MySnappyCart’s collection of online groceries and place your order today at www.mysnappycart.com.


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