31 July, 2017
Moving Companies in Hong Kong
Moving Companies in Hong Kong
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Moving Within Hong Kong: Who to Use and How to Do It

31 July, 2017
Moving Companies in Hong Kong

Moving on up!


Wherever you are, moving is stressful. Finding a new place can be tough – and that’s only half the battle – you’ve now got to think about the move itself!

Don’t fret, as we’re helping you out; from choosing your moving company and packing, to dealing with the admin and what to do at the other end, we have you covered. So, although it’s not the most fun way to spend a weekend, moving doesn’t have to be all that bad, and definitely shouldn’t take away the excitement from starting out somewhere new…

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Tip & Tricks:

Moving Companies in Hong Kong

Know your measurements

Regardless of whether you’re taking your old furniture or buying new items, it’s important to be sure that everything fits where you want it to. It’s useful to have a tape measure on hand during viewings so you can get an idea of available for those large items such as beds, sofas and wardrobes. It’ll save you from having your sofa placed at an awkward angle or stuck halfway up a walk-up.

Do the admin

Make sure to inform the appropriate authorities and services of your change of address when moving. You will need to alert your bank, along with any utility services, government agencies etc. of your move. The HK government offers a simple change of address service for these purposes, which allows you to inform different government agencies all at once, saving you a lot of time. You can also find more information on this here.

DIY and save

Moving companies offer a range of services; from providing boxes, dismantling and assembling furniture, to packing and helping with the actual move. If you don’t have a huge amount to shift, you can keep costs down by packing everything yourself and just only using a company to help with the actual move. Buy your own moving boxes from the post office (and from most removal companies), or try asking around at local supermarkets/shops, as some may be able to pass these on.

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Throw, donate and sell

Do you really need to take everything? Moving is the perfect excuse to clear out and get rid of unused and unwanted items that we keep “just in case.” Throw things away, donate or sell, and try not to take absolutely everything with you. An easy way to get rid of unwanted furniture is to list it on sites like AsiaExpat, or alternatively Boxful is an easy storage solution for items you may not need right now, but don’t want to completely get rid of.

Label, label, label

It sounds obvious, but it will make a huge difference when it comes to unpacking. Whether it’s yourself or a company that’s packing, make sure that everything is labelled correctly. You don’t want to get to your new flat and have to open a dozen boxes before being able to locate your toothbrush, or the kettle.

Moving Companies in Hong Kong

Stay organised

If you’re planning on moving in stages, it’s important to have all of your day-to-day must haves with you. Whether staying in your old place for an extra night or going ahead to the new apartment without all your furniture – having a change of clothes, bedding, toiletries and cleaning products with you will come in handy!

Keep the important things safe

Even if you’re not doing the bulk of the moving yourself, there may be certain items you want to keep with you. If you have any particularly valuable, fragile or important items, we suggest you keep these separate and move them yourself (just to ensure accidents don’t happen!) On this note, keep all important documents safe when moving. Pack your ID cards, passports, medical documents etc. with you, so you know where they are. You’re not going to want the extra hassle of having to replace these!

Start fresh

Lastly… don’t have a heavy night out before moving day. No one wants to deal with the stress of moving, on top of a heavy head and the hangover munchies. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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Moving Companies in Hong Kong

And that’s it! Our tips to keep moving as stress-free and painless as possible.

See below for a couple of our go-to moving companies. From the basic man with a van, to companies that will help you out every step of the way:


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