7 September, 2020
K11 Musea art cultural centre
K11 Musea art cultural centre
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We Checked Out K11 MUSEA’s New Art & Cultural Centre

7 September, 2020
K11 Musea art cultural centre

You’ll find intricate art, bold sculptures and more at K11 MUSEA’s new Art & Cultural Centre and Sculpture Park

K11 MUSEA’s Art & Cultural Centre strives to reflect Hong Kong’s culture by representing the fluidity of ideas in our multicultural, multilingual and multifaceted city.

We’re already big fans of K11 MUSEA, so this new, multi-purpose art space is an added bonus. Since the launch of K11 MUSEA last year, we’d heard about a secret floor below the rooftop Bohemian Garden, and now that has been unveiled as an exciting new Art & Cultural Centre.

K11 MUSEA Art & Cultural Centre

What Can I Expect?

Spanning over 105,000 sq ft, K11 MUSEA’s sixth floor Art & Cultural Centre boasts a stunning collection of international artwork.

Which Artists Are Featured?

Under the direction of its founder, Adrian Cheng, every corner of this sixth floor haven presents you with imaginative pieces of art. Thoughtfully curated, you’ll find pieces by acclaimed artists such as Chris HUEN Sin Kan, Sterling Ruby, Mary Weatherford, Matthias Weischer, Yayoi Kusama and Turner Prize winner Oscar Murillo.

Head outside to the Sculpture Park where you’ll see iconic pieces by Katharina Grosse, Tatiana Trouvé and Erwin Wurm.

On top of that, you’ll find 40+ featured artworks across the K11 MUSEA mall itself.

K11 Musea - The Moment of Regeneration

What Are The Highlights?

Highlights include Yayoi’s piece titled The Moment of Regeneration, which depicts the psychological state of human nature in the modern age, along with the three sculptures scattered around the neighbouring K11 Sculpture Park. Open air, with grassy patches and views of Hong Kong skyscrapers, the Sculpture Park is a place to simultaneously immerse yourself in art and nature (a surprisingly rare occurrence in our green-meets-concrete city). The aim of this outdoor space is to offer a place to relax and appreciate new forms of art and creativity.

Plus, it’s free entry!

k11 cobo house

What Are The Wine And Dine Options?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to mention the restaurants and bars. Recently opened, COBO HOUSE (short for Community of Bohemians) is a bright, modern restaurant with contemporary artwork (artists include Miriam Cahn, Fred Eversley and Pascale Marthine Tayou). It prides itself on being a space where “edible art is served, and art pieces are showcased.”

On top of that, COUCOU Reserve, Fine Wine Experience, Sushi Wadatsumi and TeaMiTea will all be opening in phases (stay tuned!).

What Else Is Coming Soon?

K11 MUSEA Art & Cultural Centre plans on hosting regular art exhibitions, inviting Hongkongers to come and explore new forms of creativity in the city.

K11 Musea Art & Cultural Centre, 6/F, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 3892 3890[email protected], www.k11musea.com

How much: Free entry

All images courtesy of K11 MUSEA.

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