24 November, 2014
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A juice a day keeps the doctor away! Green Delights cold pressed juices will keep you healthy this holiday season…

24 November, 2014

The holiday season is all about celebrating, and that often involves a lot of tasty festive treats!  As much as we love sipping on mulled wine, munching on mince pies and tucking into turkey dinners, it’s not exactly great for our overall health. If you’re looking for a nutritious boost in between all the holiday indulgences, why not try a fresh juice from new juice company, Green Delights?

Green Delights provides 100% raw, cold pressed juices that are made fresh daily using a hydraulic press that gently extracts vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. These juices are full of goodness and they’ll be welcome additions to your holiday diet! With 4lbs of fruit and vegetables packed into each juice, Green Delights encourages customers to drink a juice a day to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. Make it a healthy habit!

With seven different flavours that include Purify, Activate, Immune, Glow, Energizer, Hydration and Moisturizer, these juices are perfect as quick and easy health boosts on the go. Ideal when you’re dashing around town getting the last of your Christmas shopping done! Simply order your juice online and it will be delivered – they are currently servicing the Central and Admiralty areas, with pick up at Central MTR exit D1 and Admiralty exit C1. Juicing on the go has never been easier!

Green Delights is giving away 1,000 bottles of their yummy juice! If you’re keen to try them out, all you need to do is enter “healthyiseasy” on their website. Pick up your free drink from Central MTR exit D1 and Admiralty exit C1 by showing a text confirmation. This offer is only valid for first time users and from the 26 November 2014 to 20 January 2015.


Brought to you in partnership with Green Delights

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