3 May, 2012

John at QG Private i Salon, Four Seasons – your new hairdresser BFF!

3 May, 2012

When we had an email from new hairdresser on the block, John Robert Mouzakis, we were super-excited – until it dawned on Team Sassy that none of us actually needed a haircut yet! Luckily, our former That Girl, stylist Jasmine Webster, was on the case… here’s her verdict on her fancy new cut, courtesy of John!

First of all, let me establish – I’m a bride. I have one year till my wedding… which more importantly equals one year to grow the coveted Daryl Hannah (from the 1980’s hit film Splash) inspired mermaid hair that I think I dream more about than my wedding dress itself!

I’m all about minimal cutting and maximum length – quite possibly a hairdresser’s angst, especially when their profession revolves around scissors! Which brought me to a slight dilemma when it came to meeting Mr John Robert Mouzakis, one of QG Private i Salon’s most talked about recent additions – and a hairdresser, of course!

I’ve been wildly guarding my locks for so long now that the tips are possibly as tortured as they could get – split, dry and awfully wire-like. Admittedly, I could hide this from the everyday eye… but not John, no, no, no! His training spied out the damage in a second and had me finally admit that I needed a cut…. Which then led to me wanting a little bit of volume too, and perhaps some layers in the length or around the face…
In no time at all, I had progressed from being a resistant stranger to a welcoming client and the thing that put me at ease was not the reality that my hair in fact would grow longer faster if I maintained its health – but instead finding a new BFF!

And I know you know exactly what I’m talking about! Who do you share you dating dramas with – your hairdresser! Who listens as you gossip lavishly, putting in the right ‘NOOOOO!’ and ‘Hmmmmmm’s when needed – your hairdresser! And who do you book in once every 6 weeks for a coffee, a cut and (more importantly) a chat with – yep, your hairdresser! For some reason, for those 1.5hours that you’re in the salon, they become the centre of your secrets and you honestly wonder how you could have ever done without them!

And John was exactly that, charming me into comfortably cutting my hair as we talked about his Michigan heritage and Hong Kong humidity, his tattooed ‘sleeves’ and fashion industry insights (John has an impressive history of working on some of the most beautiful women in fashion, including the glamazons on ‘Project Runway’, ‘Americas Next Top Model’ and US Fashion Weeks!)

With a personal style that famous male-focused-fashion-photographer Tommy Ton would pap-snap in a second and a relaxed Lamma Island attitude, John is a bow-tie obsessed, vegan cake eating, old-school watch wearing guru of hair!

AND he compromises (a fab trait for any good relationship!), as he got to cut off a bit of my length… whilst I got a fab Daryl Hannah-esque mermaid wave! Everyone’s happy!

SASSY DEAL: Sassy readers can score a 35% off discount off your first haircut with John at QG Private I Salon… and then a further 20% off your second! All you have to do is sign up to our Sassy Sale mailing list here (ensuring you’re the first to know about other fabulous Sassy discounts) to receive your coupon – and we’ve only got a limited number so get your skates on! The coupon expires 31 December, 2012.

Specialising in cuts for both girls and guys, John charges $880 for a cut and $490 for a blow-dry

QG PRIVATE i SALON, Podium Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2521 0070

*UPDATE* Sad news Sassy girls, John is now moving to Taiwan! We’ll be sad to see this super hair-styler go, but we hear that Teddy at QG is the go-to replacement stylist! All is not lost… and good luck to John with the move!

Check out Jasmine’s fab blog (where John himself sometimes writes!) Dress Me.

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