2 May, 2012
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Sassy’s Perfect Summer – Part 1

2 May, 2012

It’s starting to heat up in Honkers, which can only mean one thing… summer is just round the corner! So throughout the whole of May, we will be bringing you Sassy’s Summer Guide – your go-to guide for everything you need to know this season! We’ll be bringing you the hottest summer styles, the best beach looks, tips on getting your bod summer ready, the best things to do in the 852, the coolest places to spend summer days and the funnest things to do come those summer nights!

So what better way to start than by telling you what Team Sassy will be up to this summer? We’re gonna make this season easy, breezy and totally sassy!

1)  Ideal summer getaway
I have been lucky enough to marry into a family that adores sailing and because of this I have fallen in love with lazy getaways on the water. For me, there is nothing better than waking up and having my morning cup of coffee surrounded by other boats, letting the sails out and reading a book in the afternoon and then finishing off the day at sunset with a nice gin and tonic.

One particular holiday a few years back saw us island hopping in the British Virgin Islands and to this day it probably tops the list of my most favourite vacations. Now that we live in Asia, my ideal summer getaway is to rent a catamaran in Phuket with a bunch of friends and just sail the sea while our days are filled with snorkelling, sunbathing, eating loads and enjoying sunset cocktails on the water.

2)  Favourite HK summer activity
One of the favourite things I did last summer was a hike to Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung followed by a day chilling out on the beach with friends. Tai Long Wan is a stunning place and in my opinion it is a must-do for anyone wanting to escape from HK Island for the day. Be prepared to sweat on the hike out there but what awaits you when you are finished your walk is the most beautiful and simply refreshing water you will have laid eyes on here in Hong Kong. My suggestion is to hike out to the beach but reserve the speedboat back to Sai Kung later in the day because you will dread making the trek back after a long day out in the sun. For the very outdoorsy types, you can even camp out.

3) What’s in my beach bag
Sunscreen is pretty much a given in my beach bag (if you’ve never met me, I am as pale as can be!) so this year in addition to sunscreen I am going to always make sure I toss a bottle of Aesop’s Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel into my beach bag. I love junk trips but every time without fail my skin starts to react to the sun on the way home so this gel will be a lifesaver for soothing my skins reaction to the intense summer sun.

4)  Summer lust-have
My summer lust is this Alexander McQueen neon pink cross body bag from Shopbop. During the warm weather months not only do I start paring down the amount of clothes I wear but I also like to downsize my bag quite a bit and go with a cross body (I love how low maintenance they make me feel – so freeing!).

While I am usually not one to wear tons of bright colours, I am kind of loving this because a) it incorporates a key summer trend for summer (neon!) and b) the neon pink, in my opinion, will actually go with a lot and it will add a bit of personality to my boring neutrals this summer. Plus, you can’t get more Sassy than a touch of pink!

5)  Top summer tune
I am going a bit old school with this one. My top summer tune is Summertime by Will Smith. We are both from Philly so I am a bit partial for that reason but every time I hear the song it brings me back to that feeling when I was young and had nothing to do but sit back and unwind all day long.

1)  Ideal summer getaway
Koh Tao, Thailand – I got my dive license just over a year ago but haven’t had a chance to explore any tropical waters yet. It was too windy last time I was in Koh Tao and I’m told summer is a great time to see turtles.

2)  Favourite HK summer activity
Nothing beats a good BBQ. Whether it’s poolside, at the beach or on a rooftop, as long as you’ve got great food, cold drinks and awesome company then you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time.

3)  What’s in my beach bag

  • shu uemura UV armor face cream: this is by far the nicest facial sunscreen I’ve come across. I love it because it’s lightweight, doesn’t make my skin feel greasy & can withstand the sweaty effects of humidity.
  • AquaSteel water bottle: if I don’t take water with me when I’m out & about then I tend to be pretty useless at staying hydrated. My AquaSteel bottle is a winner at the beach as it’s BPA free & keeps my H2O icy cold.
  • Kosé oil absorbing sheets: Oil blotting paper is an absolute must during the HK summer – I refuse to leave home without it. Perfect for the beach, these little sheets absorb oil & sweat to leave your skin sheen-free!
  • Burt’s Bees sun protecting lip balm: Enriched with passion fruit and made of 100% natural ingredients, this SPF 8 balm is long-lasting & hydrating.
  • Giant beach towel: like a proper beach towel – not just one you’ve grabbed from the bathroom!

4)  Summer lust-have
I’m a Seafolly girl through and through. Not only is their swimwear gorgeous, it’s incredibly well-made which means it lasts for multiple seasons! I feel this little number might have my name on it this summer

5)  Top summer tune!
Train – Drive By

1)  Ideal summer getaway
It’s a toss-up between glamping it up on an African Safari in Tanzania or hiring a large self-catered farmhouse (with pool) in the South of France and heading there with a group of friends!

2)  Favourite HK summer activity
Spontaneous evening BBQs on a roof top, a balcony or at a nearby beach, nothing beats it!

3)  What’s in my beach bag

  • Kikoy: a great substitute for a towel that I picked up on my travels around Africa. (Sassy tip: we’ve found them in HK here!)
  • Nivea Suncream never fails me, even in the intense HK heat.
  • A pair of trendy Ray Ban sunnies (available in Sunglass Hut in the ifc, $1,390)
  • Portable speakers to blast out some summer choons (bag yours at Wan Chai Computer Centre)
  • A Sand Pillow: for the beach readers amongst us, this will change your life!

4)    Summer lust-have
This gorgeous raffia striped sun hat from Ralph Lauren would be very nice thank you!

5)    Top summer tune
It has to be Jason Derulo, Ridin’ Solo. It’s a little dated but brings back memories of a hot summer in the UK (yes they do exist)!

1)    Ideal summer getaway
The best place to go over summer is home! The best parties happen during summer (what’s better than fireworks on the Fourth of July?!) and summer is wedding season; so many people to see, so much time to do it in (thank you, teaching job!).

2)    Favourite HK summer activity
Rooftop adventures are ideal – just don’t forget the sunscreen and the awning. I found the best place to live: a flat with my very own rooftop equipped with 4 chairs, a table, and an awning. But, if your flat-hunting wasn’t as lucky as mine, go to a public space (i.e. Red Bar at ifc), bring your own booze, and soak up the sun.

3)   What’s in my beach bag

  • An $18 mat from the old ladies selling them at the beach
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen
  • A cheap floppy beach hat from the Philippines
  • A Cosmo magazine or a good book

4)  Summer lust-have
My tried and true Havaianas


5) Top summer tune
Adele’s 21 CD is rocking my world at the current moment, but my go-to music place is last.fm set to Jason Mraz, which plays chill tunes like his.

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