9 December, 2010
Eat & Drink

Introducing Sassy’s Resident Food Blogger

9 December, 2010

There have been so many changes at Sassy during 2010, and Sassy has grown beyond all recognition since we first began in March of 2008 – we’ve lost a founding partner (we miss you Natalie!), welcomed a new addition and become busier than we ever thought possible. We’ve started to realize more and more that we can’t do everything by ourselves, and so we’re throwing open the doors to welcome new partners and collaborators who hopefully will help us build Sassy into even more of a force to be reckoned with when it comes to keeping you in the know! We always love it when people submit blogs and tips for the website, and one of the areas we’ve been most keen to get help with is our Eat & Drink section. After all, Maura and I have a bit of a habit of sticking with our old favourites a little too much and not veering off the beaten path enough to make new discoveries. To help us out with this, we’re welcoming a new Food Writer, Michelle, to our team who is already a keen Blogger over on ChopstixFix where we first discovered her fun, girly style and zest for eating!

Here’s a little more about Michelle in her own words…

“I’m a Chinese-Malaysian by way of London, who has loved food since time immemorial. One of my favourite phrases is, “Live to eat, not eat to live”! Food for me is more than just eating. It’s such an integral part of everyday life, of my life; the smells, the memories, the sheer joy taken over savoring each morsel, hunting and searching for the “best”. Every meal is a sensory experience.

My love of food started during my childhood years spent in Penang, savouring humble bowls of congee, nibbling on durians and cramming banana fritters into my face. This love grew to encompass hearty, traditional English fare such as steak and kidney pie, roast beef and fish and chips.  After years spent being slowly introduced to different cuisines, I have really learnt to enjoy and appreciate the vast variety on offer, and it fascinates me. My fondest memories are food related, from my first encounter with escargot as a 9 year old, to enjoying cheese fondue on a Swiss mountain. After my move to Hong Kong, I was struck by the plethora of food on offer, and very soon I was losing track of where I’d been and what I’d eaten. This turned into daily ramblings of “where did we eat such and such”, “have we been there before”, “maybe that’s the place”, so it seemed to me a natural step to start a blog to keep tabs on my culinary journey through Hong Kong.”

Look out for Michelle’s first review for Sassy, of Paisano’s in Central, coming up tomorrow! Finally, great pizza by the slice in Hong Kong!

To contact Michelle, email [email protected]!

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