11 July, 2012

Hudson Jeans HK – see denim in a new light

11 July, 2012

You think you know jeans. They are made of denim. They are mostly blue. And it can be frustrating as H-E-double-hockey-sticks (…think about it!) to find the pair that is right for you. Well, things have changed!

Denim nowadays is laser cut, frayed, bleached, dip-dyed, and comes in more colours than in a super-size Crayola box (the ones with the sharpener on the back!). If you feel lost then have no fear, Hudson is here to show you the path to jean enlightenment!

First up, let’s learn about foil-printed denim. This unique texture came as a surprise to the Hudson lab while experimenting with a knit printing technique. It is referred to as the Sting Ray print and has a very cool 3D texture to it, almost like animal skin!

Also new to Hudson is laser treated denim! Lasers are used directly on the denim to create unique effects. This treatment is a great alternative to traditional abrasive dying techniques as it saves an average 97.5% of the water used in regular stone wash procedures. And you’re definitely looking at the jeans in these photos and nothing else, aren’t you!?!

There are loads of interesting details adorning these jeans! In addition to different prints and colours, buttons creep up the legs and back pocket stitching and rivets abound. Rolling up the cuffs seems to be the ubiquitous trend of the summer though so it’s time to give those ankles an airing!

My favorite of the Hudson bunch was the metallic jeans. They had a slight shine bringing attention to your curves… in a good way! The silver pair would be gorgeous with a blush blouse for the warm weather and a chunky gray cable-knit for fall! I’m thinking ahead already girls!

Hope you learned something new about all that is on-trend in jeanswear right now! Whether you are looking for texture or colour or sheen, Hudson has you covered so pop by and see what works for you. Sorry to say the models won’t be on hand to help… but you can always come back and just stare at these photos instead!

Hudson Jeans at TrueBlue, Shop 3079-80, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street Central, Hong Kong, 2111 8201


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography


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