14 March, 2023
hong kong consumption vouchers voucher scheme 2023 round 1
hong kong consumption vouchers voucher scheme 2023 round 1
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Your Updated Guide To Hong Kong’s Consumption Vouchers: How To Claim & Collect 2023 Instalments

14 March, 2023
hong kong consumption vouchers voucher scheme 2023 round 1

Here’s everything to know about Hong Kong’s consumption vouchers and how to claim and collect your voucher during the new 2023 round.

Originally a top-up from the government to help people and hard-hit businesses out during the pandemic, the consumption voucher scheme has become something of a little treat (like the recent giveaway of free airline tickets!) for us and the city’s economy. Given out in instalments, the first batch for this year’s round is set to be available from Sunday, 16 April on the payment platform you previously chose. Have a few questions? Don’t worry — here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 round of consumption vouchers.

Although it would seem we’re seeing a “return to normalcy” (as the end of quarantine measures, gathering restrictions and the mask mandate would suggest), the city is still on its way to economic recovery — which means we’re getting one more year (at least!) of vouchers.

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hong kong consumption vouchers voucher scheme 2023 round 2

Who is eligible for the consumption vouchers? How much will I get?

All adult Hong Kong permanent residents will be able to receive consumption vouchers.

In addition, “new arrivals” to Hong Kong are also eligible. These are Hong Kong residents with a valid HKID who have either:

  • come from the Mainland with a one-way permit
  • or are dependent on a Hong Kong permanent resident, with permission to stay in Hong Kong.

The first phase of consumption vouchers is worth a total of $5,000. It will be given out in two instalments: $3,000 from Sunday, 16 April and the remaining $2,000 from Sunday, 16 July.

If you’ve come to the city through a special work, talent or study scheme, you will also receive vouchers: a total of $2,500 in two instalments, with $1,500 out on Sunday, 16 April and the remaining $1,000 on Sunday, 16 July.

Other Hong Kong residents with valid permission to remain in Hong Kong will also be eligible for the $2,500.

Unfortunately, if you’ve completely emigrated from Hong Kong, you are no longer eligible for consumption vouchers. This will be determined by officials, but if you’ve, say, been out of the city for more than three years you’ll, unfortunately, have to miss out on this opportunity.

How do I get my consumption voucher?

There are six payment platform providers:

  • Octopus
  • Bank of China’s BoC Pay
  • HSBC’s PayMe
  • AlipayHK
  • Tap & Go
  • and WeChat Pay HK

For the first instalment, you’ll have to go to the payment platform you’ve been using to collect previous rounds. After that, for the second instalment, you can switch platforms if you wish. If you’ve collected previous rounds with no problem, you should be fine for this round. To be safe, check that your account is still valid and update it before Wednesday, 29 March.

You can collect your voucher through your payment platform’s mobile app, at designated in-person points across the city, online and more. Refer to your specific payment platform’s FAQ so you don’t miss out on any newer way to collect your voucher!

hong kong consumption vouchers voucher scheme 2023 round 3

When can I get my consumption vouchers?

The first instalment — $3,000 for permanent residents! — will be available on Sunday, 16 April and will expire on Tuesday, 31 October for all payment platforms apart from Octopus.

The second instalment — the remaining $2,000 for permanent residents — will be available on Sunday, 16 July (provided you’ve spent a certain amount by Friday, 30 June) and will expire on Wednesday, 31 January, 2024 for all payment platforms apart from Octopus.

Once you spend your first $3,000 instalment, you’ll be able to collect your second instalment on the 16th of any month between July and November. And if you’re using Octopus, you can collect your second instalment depending on your cumulative spending.

Editor’s Note: Your Guide To Hong Kong’s Consumption Vouchers” was most recently updated on Tuesday, 14 March by Sakina Abidi. You can also refer to the government website here for more information.

Main image courtesy of Ruslan Bardash via Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels, image 2 courtesy of Jack Sparrow via Pexels.

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