1 March, 2022
COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support
COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support

COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support Now

1 March, 2022
COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support

Find out how to help domestic workers, refugees, low-income families and animals get through Hong Kong’s toughest COVID-19 wave yet.

With COVID-19 case numbers rapidly climbing and social distancing measures in full force, our hearts go out to the city’s most vulnerable who must bear the brunt of the ongoing fifth wave. In light of the current situation, a number of local charities have launched appeals for donations and volunteers to support domestic helpers, refugees and other marginalised communities in Hong Kong through this challenging time. Ahead, find out how you can support these charities, whether it be through in-kind donations, financial means, volunteering or simply by spreading the word.

Editor’s Note: If there are any pandemic response campaigns we missed, do let us know at [email protected]. We’ll make sure to keep updating this list with more COVID-19 charity initiatives, so bookmark this page to stay in the know!

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COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support: Bethune House

Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge

After receiving more than 10 emergency calls from domestic workers seeking food and shelter within a 24-hour period, Bethune House launched an urgent appeal with the goal of raising $300,000 to support the increasing numbers of domestic workers who have been left without a roof over their heads after testing positive for COVID-19. The migrant women’s shelter is calling for cash donations to cover food and water, rapid antigen tests, medical supplies, blankets, sleeping bags and a safe place to stay.

Head here to donate now.

Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, 2721 3119bethunehouse.org

COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support: Catherine's Puppies

Catherine’s Puppies

With a surge of people leaving the city and many having to leave their dogs behind, local shelters are struggling to stay afloat. Catherine’s Puppies relies solely on donations, and as fundraising events have been suspended due to COVID-19, the dog shelter needs your help to cover the cost of pet supplies, vet bills and shelter rent.

Head here to donate now.

Catherine’s Puppies, 7 Tai Lam Wu Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 6799 7530 (message only), [email protected], mlsparrow.wixsite.com/catherinespuppies

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Feeding Hong kong

Food assistance for the vulnerable has never been more vital, but fewer surplus food donations and more complex logistics have created a gap, making it harder than ever for charities like Feeding Hong Kong to keep food flowing where needed. Feeding Hong Kong hopes to raise $2 million to provide 200,000 additional meals for those in need. This money will allow the charity to scale its FHK Emergency programme to deliver nutritious pantry staples to more families and seniors, and boost its FHK Essentials programme which adds more vegetables, meat and fish in its packages to small shelters and community kitchens who have little other support.

Head here to donate now.

Feeding Hong Kong, Unit 213 and Unit 175–717, Block A2, Yau Tong Industrial City, 17–25 Ko Fai Road, Yau Tong, Hong Kong, 2205 6568, feedinghk.org

Grassroots Future

CNY might have passed, but don’t let that stop you from giving fortune to others. Consider donating a virtual laisee packet to support Hong Kong’s refugees and asylum seekers. Grassroots Future aims to raise $88,888 through its crowdfunding campaign. Each donation will assist in its ongoing well-being, education and community outreach programmes to empower and uplift the refugee community.

Head here to donate now.

Grassroots Future, Markerbay, 23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, grassrootsfuture.org

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Dedicated to supporting low-income families, elderly and people with disabilities living in substandard housing, Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong hopes to raise $400,000 to provide 1,000 home hygiene packs containing face masks, hand sanitisers and rapid antigen tests to the vulnerable groups it serves.

Head here to donate now.

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, 9/F, V-Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2520 4006, habitat.org.hk

Hands On Hong Kong

Hands On Hong Kong has been staying in regular contact with its network of 100+ charity partners to establish the most critical community needs during this challenging time. Emergency items range from masks and sanitiser for families living in subdivided flats to food for low-mobility elderly who are unable to safely leave their home.

Head here to volunteer now.

Hands On Hong Kong, Unit A, 9/F, Easy Tower, 609-611 Tai Nan West Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2​481 ​8092, www.handsonhongkong.org

Hanuman Charity

Hanuman Charity has been doing amazing work since the beginning of the pandemic, providing 500+ meals weekly to the underprivileged and those experiencing homelessness in the city. The charity accepts monetary donations, contributions towards care packs and invites volunteers to join its weekly charity walks and semi-monthly elderly home visits.

Contact Naveen Sadhwani at [email protected] to donate or volunteer.

Hanuman Charity, 5630 8840, hanumancharity.org

COVID-19 Charity Initiatives To Support: HELP for Domestic Helpers

HELP for Domestic Workers

HELP for Domestic Workers launched a fundraiser after receiving a call from a domestic worker who had been made homeless after testing positive for COVID-19; the charity hopes to raise funds to assist others in similar situations. Within days, it exceeded its initial goal of $300,000, raising a total of almost $1.25 million before closing the appeal. HELP for Domestic Workers continues to welcome donations, as well as volunteers (specifically those who can help with legal support, case work and with operations and communications experience).

Head here to donate now.

HELP for Domestic Workers, Room 606, 299QRC, 287-299 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 5936 3780, helpfordomesticworkers.org

Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)

Hong Kong Dog Rescue is calling for volunteers to help clean kennels and walk the dogs at its Tai Po and Ap Lei Chau homing centres. The shelter is currently caring for around 600 dogs and are low on manpower, particularly in Tai Po and on weekdays.

Head here to volunteer now.

Hong Kong Dog Rescue (Tai Po), 6 Shek Lin Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dog Rescue (Ap Lei Chau), Shop A, G/F, 5 Wai Fung Street, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, hongkongdogrescue.com


Consider making a donation to ImpactHK to help the charity provide shelter for those experiencing homelessness. As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, the non-profit is not accepting any in-kind donations for the time being, but welcome monetary donations and volunteers to help deliver daily necessities on kindness walks.

Head here to donate now.

ImpactHK, 5A, 5/F, Splendid Centre, 100 Larch Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2448 5200, impacthk.org

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Justice Centre Hong Kong

As the only non-profit providing legal services to refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong, Justice Centre’s in-house lawyers and social welfare caseworkers have been working around the clock to make sure no refugees are at additional legal risk of being unable to attend their regular mandatory visits to the Immigration Department. Every little helps to support their time-sensitive work.

Head here to donate now.

Justice Centre Hong Kong, www.justicecentre.org.hk


Refugee Union

Asylum seekers in Hong Kong are prohibited from working and depend solely on a limited stipend of around $3,000 and a few necessities to survive. Refugee Union has launched a campaign calling for food donations and supermarket vouchers (see here for a list of suggested food donations), as well as cash donations (which are the most flexible form of support, allowing them to purchase what they need from cheaper ethnic stores in their neighbourhood) to support refugees and asylum seekers in the city.

Head here to donate now.

Refugee Union, Unit E, 2/F, Lee Fung Building, 315–319 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 9828 7176, refugeeunion.org

RUN Hong Kong

Because of the social distancing measures brought about by the fifth wave, RUN Hong Kong’s vulnerable participants can only come into its office every two weeks to collect food, direct cash support and emergency supplies (rapid tests, cleaning supplies and OTC medications). To this end, the charity must distribute more than $17,000 every two weeks to ensure the families it supports (around 15 large families and 30 small families) are provided with the basic necessities while they cannot come into the office.

Head here to donate now.

Run Hong Kong, 5/F, 46 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, 6593 8159, runhk.org

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Hero image courtesy of Refugee Union via Instagram, other images courtesy of respective charities.

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