24 August, 2020
Hong Kong Instagram Artists
Hong Kong Instagram Artists

Hong Kong Instagram Artists For Personalised Pieces

24 August, 2020
Hong Kong Instagram Artists

Looking to add a personalised art piece to your home – without breaking the bank? These local Instagrammers are for you.

Ever strolled through an art gallery, fallen in love with a particular art piece only to get your dreams of owning it crushed by the six-figure price tag? Art doesn’t always come cheap, especially not one that you want custom made. Thankfully, there are many talented up-and-coming artists on Instagram that can make you a personalised art piece at an affordable price. From pet portraits to quirky collages and mini clay sculptures, check out these Hong Kong Instagram artists that do commissions. Plus, now more than ever we’re trying to shop local and support Hongkongers.

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Charlotte Siu, @charlottesiuart

Nature lover Charlotte works in a range of different mediums, from acrylic to enamel pins. Her feed is full of colorful art, bursting with a lot of vibrant pinks, blues and oranges. While the self-taught artist does beautiful black and white sketches, what stands out are her adorable pet portraits. Lovingly painted with pretty pastel shades of gouache, her portraits seem to bring the animals and their personalities to life. If you’ve always wanted own a painting of your furry friend, Charlotte’s DM’s are open.

How much: $300 for a postcard-sized portrait
Contact: request commissions via Instagram or email


Laura Pezza, @thequietplaceart

Laura is another artist who loves animals, but what we were most drawn to are her sketches of urban landscapes. Placing her black and white sketches against the backdrop of a galactic watercolour sky, the illustrations could be a dreamy new addition to your work desk. Whether you want a drawing done of a part of the city that is special to you, a favourite tourist spot that you visited on holiday, or your beloved family home, Laura’s illustrations will deliver.

Contact: Request commissions via Instagram or email
How much: From $900 per illustration


Esther Fung, @stawreetelling

Despite the fact that collages aren’t as popular in Hong Kong as photography and paintings, Esther believes her collages are able to tell emotional stories (as her handle suggests) that resonate with viewers. Her thought-provoking artworks have a grainy, aged finish that seamlessly combine the natural elements and man-made creations in her surreal collages.

Contact: Request commissions via Instagram,
How much: Contact artist for pricing information


Spacey Ho, @spaceyillustration

You can find the work of illustrator and book designer Spacey in a number of publications across Hong Kong. Though she mainly specialises in cartoony kid lit art, she also accepts commissions for those interested in her more sophisticated illustrations with a muted colour palette. Yogis and gym goers will love her yoga series which combines your favourite pose and spirit animal. She also does super cute family portraits that would make for a lovely gift.

Contact: Request commissions via Instagram or email
How much: $400 per illustration


Ophelia Jacarini, @merakilya

Fashionistas will fawn over this artist’s stylish sketches. Hong Kong-based French artist Ophelia of Merakilya has created a range illustrations for people and companies all over the globe but we were particularly wowed by her elegant fashion illustrations with splashes of soft watercolour. Request a full-body portrait of yourself (or a friend) in your fiercest outfit to prop up on your vanity for the ultimate OOTD inspo.

Contact: Request commissions via Instagram
How much: Contact artist for pricing information


Gar Lai, @garlailau

Anyone interested in architecture would love Gar Lai’s ink sketches. From ancient pagodas to modern skyscrapers, this artist travels the world and captures scenes and buildings that catch her eye with incredible detail. It goes without saying that we love her sketches of the Hong Kong skyline and iconic buildings such as The Lippo Centre and Bank of China Tower. It is most impressive when looking at pictures where she holds her clean line drawings up in front of the real thing. Many of her sketches are embellished with gold accents which add a nice, elegant touch. Head to her newly launched website where you can purchase her art.

Contact: Request commissions via her website or Instagram
How much: Contact artist for pricing information


The Mad Crafter, @colory.craftyboo

Commission a miniature sculpture of your favourite person, pet or character from The Mad Crafter. The artist creates wonderful replicas that are small enough to hold between two fingers or stick on a keychain. It’s amazing how much detail she is able to fit on her tiny sculptures! They are the perfect thing to add a little personality to your room and also make great, little presents for friends. Due to popular demand, the artist is not always taking commissions, so be sure to check in with her first.

Contact: Request commissions via Instagram
How much: Contact artist for pricing information


Ellen Ng, @en.simple.art

Ellen is an illustrator and graphic designer who specialises in botanical illustrations. The artist’s Instagram feed is overflowing with gorgeous watercolour flowers. We find her soft roses and delicate cherry blossoms rather calming and the blend of pink tones she uses would suit anyone looking to add a feminine touch to their flat. Ellen also posts videos of her painting her flowers, which makes us appreciate the detail that goes into her art even more.

Contact: Commissions via Instagram or email
How much: contact artist for pricing information


Hyatt, @hyatt.arts

Inspired by her adventures abroad and the city she lives in, Hyatt’s artwork takes us to white sand beaches and tropical jungles and back to reality with her all-too-relatable comedic commentaries on everyday life in Hong Kong. Request an acrylic illustration of your favourite getaway, or a couple portrait of you and your beloved in gouache.

Contact: Request commissions via Instagram
How much: Contact artist for pricing information


Featured image courtesy of Esther Fung via Instagram, image 1 courtesy of Charlotte Siu via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Esther Fung via Instagram, image 3 courtesy of Spacey Ho via Instagram, image 4 courtesy of Ophelia Jacarini via Instagram, image 5 courtesy of Laura Pezza via Instagram, image 6 courtesy of The Mad Crafter via Instagram, image 7 courtesy of Ellen Ng via Instagram, image 8 courtesy of Gar Lai via Instagram.



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