16 October, 2020
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Your Guide To Celebrating Oktoberfest At Home

16 October, 2020
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Don’t miss foodpanda’s October Beer Festival, featuring local craft beer, food pairings and a special free delivery perk…

Germany’s Oktoberfest might be cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on celebrations entirely. Thanks to foodpanda’s October Beer Festival, beer-lovers can enjoy the festivities straight from the comfort of their own homes, complete with beer and food pairings, and a selection of local craft brews. Here, foodpanda has picked the brains of local beer experts to discover which dishes best suit different types of brews. The result? Curated beer pairings designed to help you bring Oktoberfest home.

What’s more, if you use the promo code OURBREWS, you can enjoy free delivery on orders over $100 from all beer vendors and merchants.* What better excuse to hold your very own Oktoberfest at home?

Keep reading to discover what’s on the menu…

The Beer


First thing’s first, you need to order the beer. And with foodpanda, you can do that straight from your sofa.

We know and love foodpanda as a one-stop delivery platform for all of our favourite Hong Kong restaurants, but did you know that you can use the app to buy groceries too? Enter foodpanda mall, which features a selection of your favourite brands, and pandamart, the brand’s very own shop. Here you can buy all manner of household essentials, from snacks to cosmetics, medication and even beer! Yes, both stock a range of local craft beer brands, including Sassy favourites Moonzen, Gweilo, Carbon Brews and Mak’s Brewery, which can be delivered directly to you in just twenty minutes.

The Food

It’s not a celebration without food! Luckily, foodpanda boasts plenty of dining options offering top notch beer pairing snacks, including these loud and proud neighbourhood watering holes. Here, foodpanda asks the experts at each of these featured bars and restaurants for their top picks on what to order to accompany your evening of beer indulgence…

foodpanda: 65 Peel and Zhangmen Brewery

65 Peel

The Beer: Signature Pale Ale, Moonzen 6th Anniversary Barrel Aged Sour Stout
The Menu: “Ho Lun Jeng” Golden Crispy Chicken, Seared Wagyu Beef Cheek, Spicy Dan Dan Style Seared Rice Roll

“For those enjoying the Signature Pale Ale and want a nibble, I recommend our signature “Ho Lun Jeng” Golden Crispy Chicken. When I enjoy my favourite brew, Moonzen’s 6 year anniversary beer (which is special because it is part golden ale aged in a white wine barrel and part stout aged in a red wine barrel), I like to pair it with the Seared Wagyu Beef Cheek with “Spicy Dan Dan Style” Seared Rice Roll. It really brings out the grape undertones of the wine and amplifies the uniqueness of this stout.” – Mr Lam, Restaurateur of 65 Peel

65 Peel, order via foodpanda here

Zhangmen Brewery

The Beer: Helles and Silent Knight Vienna Lager, Heavy Smoker Smoked Imperial Porter, Double WTF (IPA)
The Menu: Popcorn Chicken, Spicy Duck Tongue or Tripe, Taiwanese Sausages

“Our go-to drink is the Helles and Silent Knight Vienna Lager. Refreshing, light and easy to drink, it washes down a plate full of Popcorn Chicken really well! On the other hand, spicy favourites, like the Spicy Duck Tongue or the Spicy Tripe, go incredibly well with an IPA. The hoppiness is a great match for amplifying the spiciness and creating an echo of flavours. I would recommend the Double WTF; it’s a double IPA so the bitterness level is very high and it is very hoppy.”

“I love pairing the Taiwanese Sausage with the Heavy Smoker Smoked Imperial Porter. Taiwanese sausages are very sweet and, because of the fats in the sausage, very juicy. This makes it a great match for the smoked beer. The smoked beer flavours evolve the sausage flavours into a smokey bacon-like flavour. It’s very complementary, but also comes together to create a new flavour you wouldn’t get if you enjoyed either item on its own.” – Billy Lee, Resident Beer Attendant at Zhangmen Brewery

Zhangmen Brewery, order via foodpanda here

foodpanda: Little Creatures and Binge Drinking Club

Little Creatures

The Beer: West Coast IPA
The Menu: Steamed Mussels, followed by a Pavlova dessert

“The West Coast IPA is not only our most loved beer, but also the brainchild of Little Creatures Hong Kong. A savoury pairing I recommend for this would definitely have to be seafood, like the Steamed Mussels. For those looking for a sweet treat, I would recommend the decadent Pavlova, covered in passionfruit and citrus flavours that really bring out the beer’s hoppy flavours.” – Boris, Little Creatures Bartender

Little Creatures, order via foodpanda here

Binge Drinking Club

The Beer: Binge Craft Beer
The Menu: Fries & Wings, Fried Oreos, Vegan Nuggets

“Our House Beer is a session ale – it’s very fruity and refreshing, and pairs really well with fried food, like our popular Fried Oreos. The House Beer goes especially well with our savoury Fries & Wings too. For a vegan pairing, I recommend enjoying our Vegan Nuggets.” – Marcus Cheng, Founder of Binge Drinking Club

Binge Drinking Club, order via foodpanda here

How will you be celebrating Oktoberfest?

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