13 January, 2015
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Editor’s Letter January: Hello 2015!

13 January, 2015

And we’re back! Like me, you may have struggled with the post-holiday blues last week. After spending my time with friends, family and a whole lot of English chocolate over Christmas, coming back to Hong Kong only to be faced with an exploding inbox and the prospect of distinctly un-fun New Year’s resolutions (workout more, drink less… etc) meant I wasn’t exactly in my happy place.

However, as usual, Hong Kong managed to turn my mood around; when I realised I didn’t need to put five jumpers on before leaving the house, when I accidentally stumbled upon the awesome rooftop bar at The Black Bird before dinner, when I realised I’d only spent $10 opposed to £10 on the MTR vs. the London tube, and when I went for a hike in the hills next to my flat only to be greeted by the most incredible view of our city…

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This is the week to turn things around and start feeling positive – beat those January blues! 2015 will be one of the best years yet. And Hong Kong is the city that never sleeps, so you know it’s not going to disappoint. There are a whole host of exciting new things to get us back into the swing of things, and at Sassy we’re going to try to give you all the best that HK has to offer, with updates, reviews and useful tips… all served up with a bit of sass of course.

One thing you may have missed while you were munching on mince pies is the extension of our beloved MTR. The blue Island Line has opened all the way to Kennedy Town (much to the delight of commuters – to quote a friend – “I’m more excited about the MTR opening than Christmas”). Now the coolest up-and-coming neighbourhood is even quicker to get to, and I’m personally looking forward to hopping over on a Sunday morning to try out the delicious smashed avo (my favourite brekkie) at Catch on Catchick. Looking for a different dinner destination? Escape the Soho crowds and head over in less than 10 minutes to try out one of these Kennedy Town dining spots.

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If you didn’t manage to nab tickets to Bastille, Lily Allen, Michael Buble or Phantom of the Opera, then never fear – there’s plenty of other things to do around town. Just take a look at our January For Your Diary for tons of alternative shows and exhibitions… I’ll be heading to TYCHO at KITEC this Friday for a chilled out concert! Or why not check out the AIA Winter Carnival if you missed it over Christmas? It’s on until February and we’ll have our very own guide to the carnival coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled. The HK version of the London Eye, The Hong Kong Observation Wheel, is now open too and it’s worth checking out to see whether it will make our visitors list…

Let’s face it, sticking to resolutions is not as easy as people make out. We all want 2015 to be a great year, but setting yourself unrealistic goals is just going to be a disappointment in the long run! Looking for inspiration? Browse our Sassy New Year’s Resolutions for our personal aims for the year, and you’ve got to read Alex de Fina’s latest column if you’re looking for long-term changes that will actually last past February… If you’re fed up of the pressure to lose weight/exercise more/eat healthier, then why not try something new and take up one of these hobbies?


Our year at Sassy is already lined up with content that hopes to inspire. We’ve got themes for every month and killer roundups that will become go-to guides for all Sassy girls around town, so make sure you keep your eyes open as we’ll be keeping our fingers on the pulse. There will be new features giving you the lowdown on our Top 5 beauty products every month, awesome collaborations with some of our favourite brands and if you’re a fan of the That Girl and Super Styler interviews *spoiler alert*, then you’ll be excited to know that you’ll be seeing a new interview feature with our “Man of the Month“. Stay tuned for new Sassy events where you can meet and mingle with other like-minded ladies, incredible giveaways with fabulous prizes and more. Here’s to a brand New Year filled with happiness and Sassiness!  

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