18 August, 2016
burger and french fries
burger and french fries
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Shake ‘Em Buns: 10th Anniversary Menu Revamp

18 August, 2016
burger and french fries

Burgers, Milkshakes and Chilli Cheese Fries… need we say more?


Forget juices, superfoods and salads – sometimes all you want is a huge, juicy burger and fries. So of course we had to try out some of the menu classics from Shake ‘Em Buns‘ 10 year anniversary menu revamp. We can’t promise you won’t have serious #foodenvy when we see what our Sassy Girl Kate got to sample below…


Before you even reach this Southern style burger shack tucked away above the bustling market place of Pottinger Street, the sound of satisfied slurps of sauce-covered hands being licked clean by happy foodies and laughing chefs spills into the streets. The walls are laden with quirky (and some rather rude!) posters, giving each foodie something to read while they struggle to talk between handfuls of chilli fries. The friendly atmosphere and classic American styled interior reflects the at-home, comfort food.

a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake


Something Hong Kong lacked previous to the grand opening of Shake ‘Em Buns 10 years ago was a good old chunky milkshake. You won’t find any watered down milk and strawberries here – these guys don’t mess around when it comes to this sweet treat. How does four scoops of ice cream sound to you? All milkshakes and smoothies are $52.

the other woman burger from shake em buns


The recently revamped menu is the brain child of owner, Tim. Inspired by his American upbringing mixed with his Hong Kong heritage, Tim has created some exciting and innovative new flavour combinations. The classic burger, The Other Woman ($88), allows your focus to be on the perfect blend of 21 day-aged Galician and US Angus beef. The only thing that lets us down with this delicious burger is that we can’t go home with a jar of the bourbon bacon jam to eat all to ourselves.

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trailer trash burger from shake em buns hong kong

There are several reasons you shouldn’t eat this next one on a first date. Firstly, it might be confusing when you yell out Trailer Trash ($108) across the venue, and secondly the spicy chilli that pours out onto your fingers with each bite may be a little disconcerting to your guest.

phat chick's night out burger from shake em buns

If you’re a fan of  classic southern fried chicken, you can’t miss out on the Shake ‘Em Buns’ take on this indulgent comfort food. Try out the large cajun buttermilk fried chicken thigh coated in proper Southern-style gravy. We think this is the ideal way to start a Phat Chick’s Night Out ($98). Oh wait sorry, that’s just the name of the dish!

bayou delights burger from shake em buns hong kong

If you fancy something a bit fishy, Bayou Delights’ ($108) BBQ baby shrimp with the chipotle jalapeno mayo on top of a breaded catfish filet will be right up your alley. The recipe has been perfected to highlight the elements of acidity to spice, complementing the various textures accumulated in one bite. We know we aren’t meant to pick favourites but…

chili cheese fries from shake em buns
The Chili Cheese Fries ($68) come fully loaded. Make sure you have your forks at the ready (unless you’re brave enough to go in bare-handed…). And if you don’t fancy any beef or you’re trying to stick to that diet, you can always opt for the veggie option, The Sissy Boy. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this trouser-filling burger joint. Ten years of ingredient experimentation, late night sketching and a LOT of burger consumption went into perfecting this menu, and trust me, you will not be disappointed if a decadent burger is what you crave.

Shake ‘Em Buns, UG/F, 76 Wellington Street, Central, www.facebook.com/theburgershopbyshakembuns

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