16 February, 2017
moonshine and po'boy nuggets
moonshine and po'boy nuggets
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Moonshine & The Po’Boys: Bringing Southern Louisiana to Hong Kong

16 February, 2017
moonshine and po'boy nuggets

Get ready for some Cajun-kick soul food!


District: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Cuisine: New Orleans Cuisine/Southern Comfort
How much: Mains range between $128-$248, Prime Rib $300-$600. Homemade crafted cocktails $98-$198
Best for: Fun, chill night with friends with a speakeasy environment
Must order: Swamp Gator Nuggets and Before Sunset Cocktail
Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-8pm: Buy One, Get One.

Craving some good ole’ Cajun fried food? Need a signature cocktail to take the edge off your day? Moonshine & The Po’Boys is calling your name. The Louisiana styled-restaurant might be located in a isolated area, but it’s worth the find. Owned by Tim Lau, Moonshine is a true Southern-style venue replicating the quintessential blend of the New Orleans jazz scene and creole food.

moonshine and the po'boys blackboard

Complete with hanging beads and alligator heads, you’ll feel like you just stepped onto Bourbon Street. The space is designed with picnic tables for a seafood boil concept, but pulled together with copper ceilings and brick wall exposure for an edgy, rustic twist. It’s a family joint with a welcoming mentality; Moonshine embraces the open kitchen and open storefront, making it an easy atmosphere to mingle with friends and interact with the staff. However, if you prefer a more intimate night or a private group experience, reserve the upstairs for the best seat in the house to view the live band (cozy leather couches, anyone?).

Moving past the chill, speakeasy environment, let’s talk about what we really want and love: food and booze. Moonshine & The Po’Boys does not disappoint – I walked out of there a happy little piggy. I started off with the Swamp Gator Nuggets and it was just as good as its name. Tasting just like chicken, these are a gem for any deep fried lover. They come paired with three homemade dipping sauces (huge fan of the BBQ spiked with Jack Daniels). Another big hit was the Cajun Bourbon Prime Rib (Moonshine Cut) which practically melted in my mouth and oozed with flavour. It was served with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots, a perfect pair for any Southern dish. But whatever main you decide, don’t forget to order their specialty Mac & Cheese skillets. I had the Chili Con Carne & Cheddar which was topped with Doritos crumbs and sour cream… I’m drooling just thinking of it!

moonshine and the po'boys mac n cheese

The amazing plates were one thing, but the heavenly cocktails paired with them only added to my experience. No newbie to Hong Kong’s mixologist scene, Paul Sill delivers a strong drink game at Moonshine. I highly suggest you ask him to whip you up one of his handcrafted, original drinks.  I loved the Before Sunset cocktail which was a fun twist on a Southern Iced Tea. But if you truly want a drink that is out of this world, order the Iced H2o Melon. You’ll find yourself with a pink slushy dessert cocktail topped with marshmallow and elderflower foam. It’s almost too pretty to drink! Regardless of what you order or where you sit, Moonshine & The Po’Boys brings a new twist to the food scene in Hong Kong and is a place you’ll want to become a regular.

Feel like you want to create your own meal? Moonshine takes special requests on food. Just let ’em know and they will find a way to get it! Also, if you want to hear that sweet jazz sound, make sure to swing by on Wednesday nights.

February Special: $98 for All-You-Can Eat & Drink of Cajun Wings, Bacon, Pink Lemonade, & Beer Mon-Fri 5-8pm.

Moonshine & Po’Boys, 4 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, www.moonshinepoboys.hk

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