7 October, 2016
pink cocktail at j boroski
pink cocktail at j boroski
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J. Boroski Hong Kong: An Exclusive Hidden Bar in Central

7 October, 2016
pink cocktail at j boroski

Custom cocktails in a private space


There’s an abundance of bars here in Hong Kong, but despite the endless watering holes that line the streets of Wan Chai and LKF, it can be hard to find an expertly made, delicious cocktail. Too often you order a classic like a Cosmo, only to be truly disappointed by a vile tasting pink concoction made with paint-thinner vodka, sickly cranberry juice and far-from-fresh lime. Sigh.

Thankfully there’s a new bar on the scene that’s ideal for real cocktail connoisseurs in search of the perfect drink. Mysteriously located somewhere off Hollywood Road and down a hidden alley, this sign-less bar is the baby of famed bartender Joseph Boroski and guarantees only the best when it comes to cocktails.

j boroski bar hong kong

I was invited to check out J. Boroski and discovered that all customers must be ‘invited’ to attend. A little pretentious? Yes, but not only does this give the bar a more exclusive feel, it also guarantees that only those who really appreciate a good cocktail will be there. When I eventually found the entrance to the bar, I was welcomed into a dimly lit, almost cave-like space with a dark and moody atmosphere. The bar itself is sleek and sophisticated with customised ‘spotlights’ directed at points above it to show off the cocktails. The interior is designed by Ashley Sutton (of Opheila and Iron Fairies) and his renowned extravagant decor is toned down here to focus on the drinks… well, apart from the curved ceiling that’s adorned in hundreds of real, shiny beetles!

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j boroski cocktail

When it comes to the cocktails, the concept is all about customisation. There is no menu, it’s all about what you want as a customer and the skill and creativity of the bartenders. Tell them your favourite spirit or your favourite ingredients, and they’ll whip up something unique to suit your preferences. Take it a step further… I asked one of the bar staff what drink they would make for someone about to break up with their S/O and instantly I was given a bottle of slightly bitter smelling liquor!

j boroski hong kong

With a carefully curated selection of alcohol behind the bar, you’ll find only the highest quality spirits and a range of interesting, unique and boutique brands. Don’t expect your standard spirit brands that you’ll find in 711! Although I have to say, I did have a chuckle when we were made a cocktail with ‘Fair Trade Quinoa Vodka’… #theworldwelivein

interior of j boroski hong kong

I enjoyed the exclusive and intimate vibe of this cocktail bar, great if you’re looking for a more private spot to impress. But did the drinks live up to the atmosphere and decor? In short, the answer is YES. You can’t really go wrong with stellar spirits, fresh ingredients and experienced bar staff, so the cocktails here are damn good. If you’re looking for legit cocktails, J Boroski’s is a must try. Although there’s no menu, cocktails start from $100 and can go up (and up, and up…) depending on the spirit and ingredients used. You can even buy a bottle there and the bartenders will use it to make your drinks all night long… pretty reasonable considering how well made the cocktails are! Schedule in a night here for a unique experience and delicious drinks.


All guests are welcome to request for an invitation to J. Boroski. Simply contact 2603 6020 or email: [email protected] to request an invitation and the location details. Joseph welcomes guests to contact to him via social media about the cocktail space or location details as well.

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