26 March, 2012
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Bunnies, cupcakes, mini eggs… Sassy’s Easter Party guide!

26 March, 2012

At Sassy, we’re far happier being the ones attending a party than the ones planning it! So who better to draft in for Easter Party tips than one of our fabulous former That Girls, Lauren Roberts, owner of Sassy’s go-to party-planning company Sweet Soirees

Easter is approaching (yay, long weekend!), which means it’s time for those cute little bunnies and chicks to make their way out from hibernation and take front stage!

One of the best things about Easter is that it gives us the chance to get family and friends together and indulge in delicious treats such as chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and rice krispy nests. If you are looking to throw an Easter party this year for your family and friends, have a look at my Easter party tips and get some ideas and inspiration!

I think it is always best to pick a colour scheme for your party. Not only does this make it easier to pick food items and props, but it also ties the party together. For my Easter table, I decided to go with fresh spring colours such as pastel yellows, pinks, blues and greens. These colours instantly brighten up your home and really get you in the mood for Easter!

Flowers are a great way to brighten up your party table. I decided to go for tulips because they are the quintessential spring flower – nothing says spring more than tulips. I chose pastel colours for the tulips to compliment the theme of my table. Other great spring flowers you can use are daisies, daffodils and hyacinths.

The ones shown here are from Sassy fave Pacific Petals who arrange their bouquets beautifully, but you could also try going to your local wet market or the flower market in Prince Edward for some floral inspiration

There are so many different treats you can use for your party table. I absolutely love cupcakes and regularly feature them at ALL my parties! Not only are cupcakes popular with guests but they can also help accentuate the theme of your party by using a special design. I opted for pastel pink, green, blue and yellow coloured icing and little pastel flowers to match my spring Easter theme. Aren’t they cute?!

I got these delicious and adorable cupcakes from Baking Maniac, but come Easter, all the patisseries, bakeries and good old Marks & Spencer will be unveiling their spring-themed sweet treats I’m sure!

For my other food items, I wanted to include a mix of traditional Easter treats with food that matched my colour scheme. Therefore, I went for rice krispy nests, cookies, chocolate bunnies, mini eggs and hot cross buns for traditional treats and marshmallows, ice gems, macaroons and jellybeans to tie in more with colour scheme. By having a good variety of food, you know that you will have something for everyone – as long as they forgot about any diets, of course!

I have a whole cupboard full of props and find any excuse to get them out! I love these little brown and white bunnies and feel like they make my Easter table extra fun and whimsical. Other great Easter props that you could use to theme your table are colourful Easter eggs, baskets and chicks.

I grabbed a lot of my props from Shenzhen, which is great for stocking up on inexpensive but ultra-cute bits and bobs, but if you don’t have the time or inclination to trek there, Fink or Franc Franc usually have a nice selection to pick from.

No Easter party would be complete without an Easter egg hunt! It doesn’t matter if it’s for your kids or your friends, Easter egg hunts are always fun and will get everyone moving after an afternoon of indulgence. Just remember to use wrapped Easter eggs and keep count of how many eggs you used; you don’t want to find melted eggs months later!

I never like to send my guests home without a goodie bag. For my Easter party, I am going to make these cute gifts to send home with our guests or to give to family and friends.

What you will need to create these goodie bags:

  • 1 yard of Easter fabric
  • 2 yards of Easter ribbon
  • 4 Little Jars (Found at Ikea, $ 9.90 for 4 jars)
  • 4 Rubber Bands
  • Fabric Scissors
  • 4 packs of Mini Eggs (Found at Bookazine in Prince’s Building, $40 per pack)

1) Cut the fabric into four 14cm diameter circles.
2) Fill your jar with mini eggs.
3) Place one of the fabric circles in the center of the jars lid.
4) Put a rubber band around the fabric and the lid.
5) Wrap your ribbon around the rubber band and tie in a bow.

Cute, simple and easy!

I hope you found these party tips useful and I wish everyone a very happy Easter!

Lauren is the owner of Sweet Soirees, one of our favourite party-planning companies. If you fancy leaving all your party planning to the experts, they are certain to add some sparkle to your shindig!

A special thank you to Darren LeBeuf for contributing his photographic talents for the article!

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