3 September, 2013
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Dodgeball in Hong Kong – get stuck into a new sport!

3 September, 2013
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Has work been leaving you with the urge to smack someone in the face? Maybe you’ve had a bad day and just need to vent? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun and social yet competitive team sport to play in Hong Kong? If you answered yes to any of those questions or better yet, all of them, then I have just the thing for you. One word. Dodgeball!

For those of you who were schooled in the US, you’re probably familiar with dodgeball, which is commonly played in primary school – and you’re also probably thinking I’m nuts to suggest it as a sport (let alone a competitive one!), but I couldn’t be more serious.

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Since it started in 2006, the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association has now organised hundreds of matches over two ten-week seasons a year. With 50 teams divided into four mixed divisions and two girls divisions, dodgeball has taken Hong Kong by storm and continues to see incredible growth with every new season. I myself have been playing in the mixed and girls division for over five seasons now and, but for a little one on the way, would most definitely still be playing!

If you’re wondering how this dodgeball thing all works, you have six players on each side, who work together to get their opponents “out” by throwing balls at them. Meanwhile, you dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge from balls being thrown at you and try to avoid being eliminated yourself. The aim is to eliminate all six players on the opposing team and win as many sets as you can in a 45-minute period.

Now you might be thinking that throwing balls at people and dodging to avoid said balls sounds silly and far too funny to be a real ‘sport’ – but in actual fact, strategy does play a huge part in the game. It’s not about chucking balls as hard as you can like a mad man/woman; accuracy, good reflexes, stamina and agility are important and teamwork is key. For those who want to improve their dodgeball skills, there’s even a dodgeball bootcamp you can sign up to!

Don’t let the unusualness of this sport fool you – it’s fun, fast-paced, intense and action-packed. If you’re looking for a fun new way to workout, fancy meeting some new friends, like getting stuck into team sports… or yes, just want to vent that anger by chucking a ball at someone’s face… then dodgeball might be the sport for you! The new season has just started so head on down to see what all the fuss is about and I’m sure you’ll be itching to have a go!

For more information on playing dodgeball in Hong Kong and to check out the schedule of games, visit the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association’s website here or their Facebook page here. You can also watch some of their games on YouTube here.

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Photos from Dodgeball Bootcamp
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