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Dinner party inspiration!

My dear friend Jaimee Rose is one of the most talented girls I know. This Domestic Goddess lives in Scottsdale, Arizona….and wish daily she was here in Hong Kong. Jaimee knows how to throw an incredible dinner party for any occasion. Most recently she had some friends over to her apartment this past Wed. for a BBQ dinner. I had to share the pics, as I am sure it will inspire all of you to have friends over asap!

Jaimee used the balcony of her apartment as the venue for the party. She “borrowed” palm leaves from a palm tree that landscapes her building for the decor and arrangements.

Long strands of grass were used for the napkin rings.

Because day quickly turned into night, Jaimee placed candles all over the table for lighting.

For some fun, Jaimee put together mini milkshakes (you can do this easily by getting milkshakes from McDonalds and putting them into your own glasses, this is a great trick).

Of course Jaimee still managed to find the time to cook all the delicious food herself!

And by the end of the night, after all her hard work, she is still smiling! That is when you know it was all worth the effort!

You can read more about Jaimee, and her fabulous ideas here!

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