10 April, 2015
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Dine in the Dome at Le Dôme de Cristal!

10 April, 2015

If you’re looking for a luxe spot to dine in style, then you need to check out Le Dôme de Cristal on the third floor of the Galleria on Queen’s Road Central. It’s possibly the most decadent restaurant I’ve been to in Hong Kong, complete with wall-to-wall champagne fridges and framed magnum bottles throughout the space. The enormous dome and expansive terrace overlooking Hong Kong are two stunning features that set this luxurious haven apart from other high-end spots in the city. It’s the first of its kind in the world and offers European fusion cuisine, cocktails and lots of champagne!


I read about the restaurant about a year ago (it was formerly Club 9) and had heard great things, so the bar was set sky high before I walked inside, and I wasn’t disappointed. The contemporary and comfortable setting designed by Steve Leung was timeless, elegant but comfortable. The staff were exceptionally professional, friendly, knowledgeable and well trained and in my opinion some of the best in Hong Kong. I also loved the booths that swivel around a table to offer privacy. You should also note that your wallet might be considerably lighter when you leave the restaurant, as the prices are as high as the dome-shaped ceiling.


Despite the restaurant being named after the signature eye-wateringly expensive ‘Cristal champagne’ by Louis Roederer, happy hour is from 5-9pm and prices start at $68 making it a perfect place for a girlie drink or two. If you’re not watching the pennies or are a bit of a wine or champagne buff, this is the place for you. We tried the Louis Roederer, Vintage 2006, which was light and crisp and some gorgeous white and red wines. The sommelier and general manager Cédric Kerhir was exceptional and the wine and food was paired together perfectly. I’m not a huge vino fan but in this case it really enhanced my meal. My favourite champagne of the evening was the Louis Roederer et Philippe Starck Brut Nature 2006 which has zero additives. I’m a bit of a naturalist when it comes to food and this is champagne in its purest state, it’s easy to drink and the bottle is beautiful too.


To really experience this restaurant you need to put your palate in the hands of 29-year old French Chef Charles-Benoit Lacour and and go for the Concordance menu for $1,280. The 6-course meal paired with wine shows off a spectrum of flavours that you won’t want to miss. The granny smith apple starter was fresh and clean, the John-Dory with Hainaneese congee was strangely comforting, the organic egg with seasonal vegetables was beautifully smoked and the U.S. Beef Rib was hearty and substantial.



My favourite dish of the evening was desert, a chocolate miniature version of the dome above our heads. Another desert that you must try that might not be on the menu is the crepe suzette which they flambé by your table. Decadence at it’s best! If you prefer to try the a la carte menu prices begin at $88 for oysters and end at $588 for some of the more expensive mains.


A meal at Le Dôme de Cristal is worth splashing out for but if you just want to get a taster just hit up the happy hour instead. Brunch is reasonable at $580 but you need to add $480 to avail of unlimited champagne or $280 for unlimited sparkling wine making it one of the more expensive free-flow brunches in Hong Kong. The staff, chef, decor and food are all exceptional so you can expect a perfect evening out if you do decide to dine in the dome.

Le Dôme de Cristal, 2-3/F, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2116 4688, www.cristal-hk.com





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